Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lindsey Williams on Bernanke

It's funny when someone as regular stumbles upon Bernanke and his asinine speeches.  It's almost funny that modern schools think that economics is science.  Bernanke's speech, titled "Making Sure Deflation Doesn't Happen", is a gem.  In it he told how he has found the Philosopher's stone, how lessening the value of the dollar increases prices, and that he could drop money from helicopters and solve a crisis.  Yet Bernanke is the most powerful man on earth, despite all of this.

Sure to be told, the fascist system has kept the best for last.  They have waited for the election year to pull out all the stops.  Obama has done exactly what he has been told every step of the way; shake the pom-poms, read the teleprompter- that's it.  So now Bernanke, who has kept rates low, bought everything under the sun, will now increase the velocity of the dollar, and  decrease its value, increasing prices, so pensions will return, etc.
The kicker is the volatility, and this is how it works:  the overnight lending facility, the emergencie facility, will increase swaps.  This will increase the velocity.  This is key.  This is Bernanke's science of economics.  And this is your brain on drugs.

So here we are, and all the pieces are set.  Time to check mate the system.  The dollar is the King, and Bernanke has it where he wants it.

This lie was set up a long time ago.  The plan was careful.  Fiat has no worth, and now the world will find out the big con.  Now everyone finds out that the last 100 years lived was a lie.

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