Monday, January 31, 2011

Bankster Bonuses

Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein do not care what their respective bank equity is.  Their job is to short gold and silver, and help the Fed roll debt forward.  They pick up their checks along the way.  The system of proxy runs deep at every level.

Wall Street and Washington are playing kick the can down the road long into the night.  They will play as long as they have to in order to keep the system up.  Along the way, the banksters place private long term bets as to hedge their bets for the coming fiat devaluation, but they earn cash bonuses, and they earn their bonuses on performance that has little to do with their corporate equity.

They do however invest in other corporate equity.  This is one of the ways to diversify out of the dollar, and the sneakiest.  This gives them the opportunity to tout recovery while the economy flails about.  There will be a time when the flailing stops because of a flatline.

The trades are moving in one direction now, steadily but surely.  Will there be a pull back after an up leg?  There always is, but really, there will not be many more dips to buy.  Tonight gold looks strongest, the dollar looks weakest, and silver and oil are solidifying their gains.  Platinum wants to make a clean break to its all time nominal highs.  It will not be too long before it does so.


These are the five things I watch.  Right now nothing is more exciting.  The dollar is falling off of a cliff and taking everything with it.  The trade that has oil not knowing which way to go is also on a weak Yuan.  What is going on, people?

Weak dollar with a weak remains weak and at the bottom of its recent range....silver is capitulating...oil has gotten out ahead....platinum is banging on the $1800 resistance level, a level that will break abruptly, catapulting the price straight to $2300.

Every time the dollar gets a spike, gold moves to the upside.  This trade is most likely blowing everyone away.  Where is the big money going?  Corporate equity?  Maybe Bernanke is shorting volatility.

When will the move happen?  Well, the protests have gone global, and this might be the turning of the Keynesian system inside out.

The Slaughter House

The house of pain, says James "the Clown" Cramer, is what we have entered.  Ford and other companies like Intel have been slaughtered by earnings.  Wall Street seems to have set the bar too high for the "recovery".  Major corporations are struggling at the margin, this after they have cut their entire work force.  Corporations were supposed to be the last safe haven.

Governments in North Africa are falling.  Babylon is falling.  What will the Kings of Babylon do?  Will they let it fall, or will they try to hold it up?  Most likely, the elite herd will be split in two.  Some have already gone.  Others stay like parched preachers.  Waiting for their redemption.

Yet some corporations are dominating the economic landscape.  The world has become Mordor, and corporations the all seeing eye.  The combination of oil majors as the blood, banks as the brains, and industry as the heart, the body of the dark lord has risen.  He will shed meaningless corporations like corpses falling out of a war ambulance. 

With the right as an individual corporations take the baton from governments.  Soon corporations will be the governments.  Soon the CEOs will fund the school system, health care system, and all systems.  It will be a "partnership" with the people.  Soon corporations will rule the world.  Or they won't because people asked for their rights back.

Giving corporations sovereign rights is like giving rights to a robot.  Is a robot a person?  So why should we treat it like one.  When science fiction becomes reality and we have to question robotic behavior patterns we will, but until then it is moot because it is so far into the future.  As for now the robots are corporations fed by algo machines from hell that are destroying the economy.  The first move should be to stop Keynesian policy.  The next should be to ratify the corporate agreement.

Hill the Pill

Let me first say I view Hillary Clinton in the same family as Bush, Kerry, Gore, McCain, and any other politican that was spoon fed their prestege.  Hill is first and foremost one of the least inspirational speakers ever to hold a platform.  The sound that comes out of her mouth is like nails on a chalkboard.  Her robotic and manic smile catch me off guard.  SHe is hardly personable.  This is what makes her demands of a global sit down with ALL US embassadors awkward.  Yet I am not surprised.  She loves nothing more than to tell people what to do.

Clinton convenes mass meeting of US ambassadors:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is convening an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors.
The top envoys from nearly all of America's 260 embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries will be gathering at the State Department beginning on Monday. Officials say it's the first such global conference.
The gathering comes at a time of crisis in Egypt that could reshape dynamics in the Middle East, fallout from leaked diplomatic documents and congressional calls for sweeping cuts in foreign aid.
Although the meeting has been called to discuss U.S. foreign policy priorities for 2011, officials say Clinton plans to meet personally with ambassadors from front-line states to hear about developments on the ground. Officials also expect that specific concerns about the WikiLeaks revelations will be raised.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gold: Disclaimer

I hate the term PTB because I do not think they have power.  That being said, they have ability, and they have the opportunity to dump paper gold one last time.  Who?  Well a favor for a favor is the name of the game.

The Fed works for the Houses of John Pierpont Morgan and the 'rival' Goldman Sachs, but those bans also work for the Fed.  China works for these monied interests, but these monied interests work for them.  It works like a back massage circle.  When it comes to gold it is a similar thing.  One person shorts it, the major banks, and another buys it, China.  The Fed is in on the gig by leasing gold.  Most of this is paper gold, not real.  The physical has a premium the way teeny boppers will pay to be front row for Miley Ray Serious.  The paper is used and abused.

They have been dumping paper gold, and if you read my blog you know that I wrote about this a month ago.  The price of paper gold is decoupling from physical due to i) massive buying of physical and ii) massive selling of paper.

It is common knowledge that the world is buying physical at a ferocious pace.  Demand is skyrocketing all over.  Yet the price has fallen throughout January.  Have they been creating a buying opportunity in doing so?

How low can the spot price go in this scenario?  Well, not to zero, but it could go far.  Here is the kicker:  wherever it goes, the move back up will be violent.  The move will mirror the move down.  The further it goes down, the higher up it goes after.  I'm just sayin'....

Bernanke prints Food

The riots in North Africa and the Middle East are occurring for one main reason.  People are hungry.  Yes they want their leaders gone, and yes they want a better form of government, but the tipping point is the aching coming from their bellies.  Here in America we have the same thing, yet the dollar keeps the food stamps coming in.  The problem is, the greater the amount of dollars issued by Bernanke, the greater amount of food stamps needed to feed the hungry.  If Bernanke could just print food, we wouldn't have a problem.  Bernanke wishes to be such an alchemist, if only for a day.  Yet the man who stands in front of America comes from a long line of self taught alchemists.  The dollar has brought more complacency to policy than anything.

Americans have been privileged for the last hundred years because of the dollar, yet at the same time, it is the dollar holding them back.  The dollar has the upper hand when it comes to finance, but for those who do not earn many dollars life becomes cumbersome.  It is even worse when other countries try and compare their fiat vs the dollar.  The dollar has unlimited power on the Monopoly board.  Imagine playing that board game with someone who can give themselves as much money as they want.

Life in America is slightly different from the rest of the world, until it isn't.  No one can print monie, and so it is only a matter of time before the fiat ponzi collapses.  It is in its death throes now in not only North Africa and the Middle East, but in Europe's periphery as well.  These nation states are about to rise up and end the old system.  Will the new one be better?  Time will tell.

In America, we elect new Congress and new Presidents.  We have a schedule.  This schedule makes us think we can change things, when in fact it makes us complacent.  Instead of wanting to kick everyone out at once, we wait for the schedule.  This appears different from dictatorships because it appears we have the ability to change the system when we want to.  The only difference is the apparition of change, when that is far from reality.

First of all, never forget, Diebold threw the '00, and '04 elections.  Would Gore and Kerry have been different?  No.  But I think it is important to remember that America is a fascist dictatorship.  Obama's policies are no different from Bush's.  Even Dick Cheney can tell you that.  From Guantanamo to the wars, same policy.  The ironic thing is that they share the same economic policy; Keynsianism.  Then again, we are all Keynesian, ain't that right Nixon?

Bush ran TARP through like a dagger in the side of America.  Obama not only cheered from the sideline, he came onto the field!  Remember, Obama flew from his campaign trail to plead with Congress to pass TARP.  What do we owe these politicians?  Did they save the world from crashing?

First, it is the politicians and bankers who got us into this mess.  Truck drivers did not want NAFTA passed (yes I am taking this back through the incompetent line of Presidents), teachers did not want TARP ushered in, and Americans do not want any more of this quantitative easing.  So if the people of America do not want this farce of an economic policy, and neither do the people of the world, why are we doing it?

There is a theory, the current 'politic', that people can not think for themselves; that they need others to tell them what is right.  I think that everyone has the ability to see the truth, and therefor no one needs anyone else's opinion.  Of course the best way to solidify an opinion is to keep an open mind and listen to other people's thoughts.  People's experience are circular.  Do we need linear thinking to prove our axiom?  Probably.

Bankers want money.  They start a system based on usury.  The usury gets out of control.  What should be done?  Should we continue to inflate the old system?  No, because the system is flawed.  Usury is against logic.  We want everyone to be safe and happy, that is our goal of our society.  Anything that goes against that should be taking outside.

The control of usury is not only subversive, it is binding, but if only in our thoughts.  People now think that the almighty dollar will save us from....the almighty dollar.  Yes, people are shadow boxing, and it would be a great exercise if they knew what they were doing.  Practice is practice.  The game is the game.  We have been in the game since oil plateaued.

Is it ironic that once oil plateaued the oilgarchs crashed the already totally fucked economic system?  They had been preparing to do it since Rubin and Summers rammed NAFTA through, since Glass-Steagall was eliminated.  Once Greenspan tipped off the "housing fiasco" with cheap rates the system was as good as done.  Housing peaked in '05, equities peaked in '07, and during that time oil production went flat.  It was time.  It was their time.  Oilgarchs and their ilk do not let opportunities go to waste.  All of this was part of the plan.  And like a phoenix their will be dust to dust.

This is why I strongly believe that fiat has its days numbered.  While the world burns the dollar is safe nowhere.  Paper will be ashe in an instant.  That is the way it goes.  That is science.  Another point of rhetoric is that fiat was never and will never be monie.  It does not fit one of the rubrics, and that is "a store of wealth".  An IOU is not a store of wealth.

This is where gold comes in.  It is a store of wealth.  Yes that wealth is determined based on the world's financial structure, but what does that mean today?  With quadrillions of dollars floated through the netherworld, and two Olympic sized swimming pools of gold, what does that tell you?  What does it mean that when Presidents flee their countries, they take as much gold with them as possible?  What does it mean that Fort Knox has not been audited in several decades?  What does it mean when COMEX, the LBMA, and EFTs like GLD have more paper claims on their gold than they have on reserve?

Hugh Hendry had it right when he said, I suggest you panic."  He did not mean go hide under a rock, however.  He meant that if you were to hide under a rock, you better line up your ducks first.  The squirrel, as unattractive as it is, is at least smart enough to save for the winter.  They kept their wealth stored, safely or not, they tried.  Trying is half the battle.  This battle may soon be over.  When the next terrain has a more adjusted and real narrative, where will you be?

Right now the richest people in the world are in a country that can seperate itself from the rest of the world in fifteen minutes.  All it has to do is blow its bridges, which are wired with explosives.  How ironic that the oilgarchs are as far away from the problems that they have created?  It is not ironic at all.  There are reasons even behind manic thoughts.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Watcher

The levels.....


$105.....Brent checks.

So now we are waiting on silver and gold.....

Next week should start with platinum as volatile as ever,  Gold and silver will then touch their recent highs (gold $1400 and silver $31).  Platinum will be around $1850 by that time with Brent pushing $105 and WTI catching up quick.  This will all come together by Mid February at the latest.  Then on the back of an Irish default/Spain bailout, the Euro will begin to capitulate.  The dollar will rise but not as fast as the trinity.  Oil will seem subdued.

Then Muni madness will descend on America.  The dollar vs Euro will be the most pointless exercise ever upon open markets.  Both are worthless and both will fail.  The trinity and oil will rise while the currentseas wash, rinse, repeat.

I also want to point out one thing.  Do you see that straight up tick on gold?  The one before gold slumped into the weekend?  That was a large gold sale.  What the COMEX does is time their sales specifically throughout the day to quell the market.  Before the start of the day, the amount total is decided.  This is why big monie disrupts the market.  The COMEX is not ready for big orders.

The LBMA do it to.  It is the manipulation in action.  The big drops in price are the opposite.  When there is a straight down move it was a buyer reaching down.  It is down when both sides of the trades are controlled.  This is the control the Fed shares with JPM et al.  There is your manipulation in action.

Gold will sell off after the big up moves, and it will rise after the down moves.  Everyone is panning gold right now, and the person who is most patient will get the bullion.  Staying with the gold in the long run is the best bet.  When you have the nuts, you stay in the pot.

Oil is going to double with the protesting in Egypt and the rest of Northern Africa.  If it spreads to the Middle East, then oil will double again.  Because silver tracks oil it will double, too.  Silver tracks oil because oil needs something to measure its worth besides the dollar.  The dollar does not really value anything.  The dollar's relationship vs real goods is inverse and as you see there is no contest between them.  The dollar has never won a round.  It is a wonder how she has managed to stay in the game this long.

The dollar may not make it through the Suez canal, but if it does make it to the Mid East, could it get to China?  If the dollar's death happens on China's watch, there will be a funeral right away.  Ask yourself why the world is rioting?  The do not like the dollar.  The do not like this way of finance.  What will replace it?

Offered up like a cheap dinner, Zoelick and friends will try to have a gold backed currency served to the world.  If the bankers are still in charge, it will not be to the benefit of the people.  Any form of usury is a horrible idea.  We call populations names like cities and states.  Maybe that is as big as government should get.  A government that holds power over hundreds of millions of people is bloated.  Government needs to be agile, for life happens fast.  End the Fed and let them all fail should have happened in place of the first QE, TARP.

 The road to nowhere started by Bill Clinton continues.  Boomers think they have their bases covered.  They have homes and a pension coming.  They saw their kids through school and wish them the best.  They drink beer like they are in college and tune out all the rest.  The have there jobs but only for a little longer.  It is the funniest thing to watch, this utter complacency.  And I am not trying to single anyone out, the "Greatest Generation" were tricked into thinking Hitler was not a puppet of the New World Order.  Today's kids have there heads up their asses.

So when the dollar gets washed by the rest of the world, what will come of America?  Would the places Americans refer to as "Third World" and "Developing Nations" starve while America collapses?  Who would have believed that.  Soon enough riots and protests will come to America.  It will be because the government is spent, but it will be fueled bu high oil prices.

I think the real issue is if America's infrastructure can hold up on expensive oil.  How many people in LA will not afford their commute?  What happens to Natural gas prices?  Some cities will shut down.  Suburbs will be non functional.  What will Americans do?

The house of cards is falling, and America watches.  America has become a country of voyeurs.  The culture was taught to watch with tools like the television.  The country has not needed to act except in faux exercises like the September 11th bombing.  Then they play hide and seek with ghosts of opium dealers.  America has chased the vapors for decades and decades.  If America does not stand up now, it will turn into the countries it is watching.

Ruh Roh! Egypt!!

So it is the "developing" (I hate that term, but what am I suppossed to say?  "Third world"?) nations will get it first.  Privilage does ruin the human effort.  Privalage makes one complacent.  Since the harder they come, the rest of the dominoes will sound like thunder.

Comapre Europe.  Who rose up first?  It is the periphory that is catching fire.  I always likened to the event as a fire crowning through the trees, but the spark had to start somewhere.  Maybe it is because these people know and remember the struggle.  Where in Amereica and "developed" nations they have been above the dirt, resting in their ivory towers.

Now if you are in an ivory tower fear not, humanity is on one side.  It is the financial system on the other.  It is based on deciet (the dollar) and uses usury to grab at the people's pockets.  We do away with the dollar and we do away with inflation.  This can be done by owning silver, for silver is monie without inflation. 

What insight does Davos give?  They say, 'People need to restructure the debts.'  How about we kick the can into the night?  Mama is calling and supper is ready.  I feel like getting some rest.  I rest easy knowing that gold is monie, and silver is the same.

Holler Dollar

We could write a heartbreaking story about the star crossed dollar.  She is ushered in amongst fan fair, but boos and hisses as well.  She is used and abused like a Hollywood Starlet for the most of the 20th Century, and then when everything looks ok, she can not handle the fame.  The struggle she has endured has put the weight of the world on her shoulders since '08 and it is not fair.  Leave the dollar alone!

And I do feel bad.  I feel bad that people do not see she is just like all the other pretty fiat.  She sparkles and shines, but just like any thing.  She is not the spectacular thing that she was talked up to be.  More than anything she got lucky.  It is time to take the pressure off of her and let her retire.

It will be a better place if we do.  Fiat has created more problems than it is worth.  These debts are never to be paid, and why should we pretend?  We ask too much of the dollar, she was a pop star diva and nothing more.  She never asked for this.

So to leave the dollar along is best.  Send her flowers and condolences, but do not cry for her.  She has shed enough tears for all of us.  It is time to say goodbye and walk away.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bernanke, bluffing, Calls

Hu has gone all in.  He is huffing and puffing up his pompidor.  He says China is the new big guy, and their power is decree.  Bernanke, bluffing, has called Hu.  He will not raise rates despite the Chinese blowhard smallish rate hike, nor India's.  He will make liquidity so loose that Paul Krugman is getting excited.

He will funnel dollars to the PMs and they will funnel dollars to the corporations.  Hu will do the same.  The game of hot potato is going fast since the potatos are burning their hands.  WHo ever has the strongest hands win.

Bernanke knows the end game is gold.  He has his "gold" reserve in Fort Knox, and that is how he sleeps at night.  He can do what he wants as long as he controls the gold market.  This is true because it is gold that controls the dollar.  By the reserves and assets across all bank ledgers, gold starts the ponzi.  This is why we are on somewhat of a gold standard.

We are on a gold standard by default.  Oil is bought in dollars and dollars buys gold.  Dollars shouldn't buy gold, but who am I to tell people what to do with their paper.  Paper is what it is for anyone who wants it to be what they want it to be.  Gold is gold, I know what it is.  It can be art but it is not art.  Gold is monie, because monie is gold.

Volatility stabs Gold

Volatility dies off and this is bad for gold all of a sudden, because the dollar did not fall off of the proverbial cliff?  Well time will tell on which monie lasts the day.  Since gold fits all the rules for monie, and fiat does not, I think I know which one wins. 

Gold is a store of wealth if not by default.  There are so many super novas, and there is so much gold.  Bernanke, Shirakawa, and all the European bankers will print their fiat until the paper drowns the world.  Gold is the anchor of our ship as the storm obliterates its surroundings.  Nature is what will be left after the destruction, because nature lasts forever.

When Gold Crashes

When gold crashes it gives people the oppurtuniti to buy low and sell high.  When it is the Fed selling to JPM, they take the pain.  That is what the Fed is for.  To take the stress off of the major financial institutions.  At the end of the day, it will be the Fed that is shut down.  I would like to see JPM shut down, but that probably will never happen.

So when someone asks, 'Why would the Fed manipulate gold?' there are several answers.  First, they have to.  They use gold as their chief investment/asset.  Second is the reson above.  The lease gold to appease the other players; to keep the game going.  There are many players in hot potato, until there isn't.

Did I miss Something?

Aren't equities suppossed to crash when gold does?  What happened today?  Someone got on their knees and wanted to pan more gold.  I do not blame them.  Most likely, no one has enough gold.

The new trend has equities moving with gold.  So this is the bottom of gold's fall, or corporate equity
 goes with it.  Decisions, decisions.

Crash Coming

A stock crash is about to happen big time.  This is why i suggest that only a fraction of one's wealth is in corporate equity.  One should be hedged with cash and most importantly, precious metal bullion.
Netflix is already down $10 from its high, apple is down, gold was already down....we are talking about a huge crash today.

Hopefully if anyone owns stocks, they are heavily invested in precious metal miners.  You may lose yesterday's gains but nothing more.  Some people, like Netflix people, are about to lose their shorts. 

The Fed and the President's Working Group on Financial Markets could step in, but that will cost them their dollar.  that would result in huge gold upside.  let us see what happens.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calling a Bottom

I am reaffirming the fact that I think we are done panning gold for the moment.  The oilgarchs knees are weak, and their backs hurt.  Bernanke panned so much gold (by leasing his gold reserves) he is in Davos on a much needed vacation.  In order for them to get gold down, they let platinum and palladium to rise thoroughly, and the pullback on gold and silver has only been slight remembering silver doubled YoY.

Another reason I think it is because everyone is calling the next move down.  People who do not see the relationship of al markets with gold fail to overstand what gold is.  Gold is the backbone of the financial sector.  Monie is gold, gold is monie, it is a reserve, and an asset that backstops the economy.  If there was a recovery then yes, demand on gold might decrease.  But demand on gold is not decreasing.  The only thing decreasing is supply.

Yet money runners talk their uninformed books like King James bible thumpers.  They give candid examples but forget that gold is in all technology, it looks pretty,  and it acts as the perfect definition of monie (which fiat doesn't).  Any liquidation is only the weak hands folding.  This is what the gold player wants, for the gold pot will be large.  There will be no leprichauns.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who is Obama?

This freeze will require painful cuts.
Says Obama towards the end of his third State of the Union speech.  But what about the presents?  He says America needs to perform as the Comeback Kid while facing its blood letting on the alter of globalism.

The speech has a very "new world" order rhetoric.  The seech is also very worrying, except that corporate America is still intact.  It gives a sound of desperation.  It sounds like he is selling something.  Why are we trying to sell America?  Has it become a buyers market or what?

Also remember when he says "us" and "we" he is refering to his own people.  He is talking to the leaders of business, the other politicians, and oilgarchs alike.  He is not talking about Americans.  What does he have in common with Americans?  There are only differences, and he jokes about these.  Does Obama get patted down?  Niup.

Get your hands off my Gold!

There is a tug of war going on between the oilgarchs and gold bugs.  Both sides want the other side to let go.  In the middle are the people who do not understand this is no game. 

The oilgarchs control the system of gold trading, but they do not control the physical supply.  They control the paper supply.  This is where the gold bug needs to focus.  The gold bug should not worry about prices, but ounces.  At the end of the day, what matters most is how many ounces are kept.  Price is a misnomer in today's age. 

I hear the voice of the rastaman say, "Babylon your throne gone down."  It is true.  The paper law that ruled over the world has burned.  The rest of the world outside of American realizes it.  Their freedomfighters are active.  Here food stamp pacifies the nation.  Will America not stand up?

Monday, January 24, 2011

WW III Scenario

A world war would not be good for any nation state.  It would likely bankrupt the dollar, as the opponents to the US would dump the Federal Reserve Note as an act of war.  If the opponent were a BRIC nation, the amount of dollars dropped would kill the dollar's ability to trade on the open market.  The other thing a country could do is set off a couple dirty bombs in the US over a span of 10-20 years, but each time there is going to be a "terrorist" attack the Police State is going to tighten its grip.  It will not be long until the Police State goes for broke.  They tried their hardest to capitalize on the AZ shooting, imagine what would happen if there were another major "terrorist" event.  Our Navy would lock down the Pacific and Atlantic.  But I do not think we would win any wars abroad.  Our Special Ops may be the best, but in order to defeat China/Russia/Iran on THEIR soil, we would need to nuke them.  I do not think the US will use a nuke anytime soon.  Besides, if they do, then the debt problem will turn into WW III.

The US debt is a big problem.  If the dollar can not buy oil from abroad, we will need to tap more oil here.  That would raise the cost and thus raise the price of oil.  It would kill the economy.  I do not think any wars will start in '11.  Maybe a war between the Koreas starts in '12 and develops into a WW III type affair.
China has decent technology, a huge army, and a decent navy.  I think that they are no better than France, but with a few more tools.

The bomb in Russia is another blow to freedom around the world.  What if Russia and China began to have problems controlling the opposition to their fascist regimes?  What if the Chinese peasants rose up?  There are tens of millions of Chinese that strongly and vehemently oppose their ruling party. 
I bring this up because African governments are turning over like bacon on a skillet.  Tunisia has had three presidents this week, Egypt is missing tonnes of gold from their vault (thought stolen by their President), and no Albania is in a state of turmoil.  Ireland's President stepped down before the election, Iceland is going ahead with bankruptcy, and Europe is protesting austerity.  America watches from the backseat.  What will happen next?

I think that the US could pull back all its troops and guard the oceans, and we would be safe.  Our air force and navy can watch our parameter just fine.  I would only be worried about China if our government went to war there.  That would be a disaster because the dollar could not fund the war effort.  The Nazis lost WW II for the reason that they did not have the oil to power their army.  They tried to turn coal to liquid.  This process is not energy efficient.  The US could try to tap the Bakken formation full throttle, but it would devastate the natural landscape.  There would be no winners in WW III.

Dollar weakness means gold weakness?

It always seems odd when the dollar trades weaker on the markets when the dollar does too.  I would think people would take the opportunity to buy when the price was low while the dollar still has its value.  Apparently someone is content to sell, or lease, gold at these times.  Like Gordan Brown before, some people do get caught selling low.

Even though the Trinity has fallen for the first time in a long time in Asia, platinum is still testing its all important support level of $1800.  The reason this level is important is because if platinum stays here, then its recent gains are kept.  If it can move up from here, the gains will be realized and then some.  Then if platinum moves up, silver and gold are sure to follow.  This move could crush the dollar further, and oil could spike.  Look for platinum to lead the charge.

The reason for platinum's recent run has to do directly with supply and demand.  It is decreasing in supply, as production peaked in '09.  Demand is also increasing due to industrial use in cars and medical equipment.  Platinum also fits the definition of monie perfectly, and it is being sought as a store of wealth in bullion form as gold and silver is.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who Made Hu

George Herbert Walker Bush flew into China in the 1970's to help orchestrate the Sino American relations.  He was there officially on behalf of the cia.  It just so happens that David Rockefeller was pleased by the budding relationship.

Since they began to purchase American debt on an epic scale they have become the world's largest exporter, alongside America and Germany.  They have become the world's largest lender of debt.  Essentially, China has the strongest banking system in the world.

The yuan has been strengthening vs. the dollar for a long time.  Maybe the Yuan has gained strength, but most of it has been due to the erosion of the dollar via inflation.  It is another example of race to the bottom, but in this case the yuan seems to have decent footing in this current economic landscape.

Hold up

I became very intrigued by the fact that all policy makers want a gold standard (except Bernanke et al) and my last prediction-that gold has bottomed may be a little premature-but I still see the price rising soon.  There are conditions that would have gold staying relatively flat while equities pulled back.  Really, this week changed all metrics for at least now.  Weak dollar, weak gold friday confused me.  I am not sure what is going on.

That being said, well what can I say more.  I will sit back and wait for the markets to open and will go from there.  So many factors can change the landscape...will the dominoes continue to fall on the world's politicians?  Count on that.  That is bullsih for gold as the more the oilgarchs loot their gold vaults, the more  light is shined down on the truth.  Gold is money, nothing else.  Sure it is used for technology, but what is more important?  Burning PM and oil for convenience and niceties?  Or holding it as a store of wealth?  I will take the latter.

What is the hold up on gold's eventual meteoric rise?  Oil production has not yet peaked.  We are still on the bumpy plateau.  In the meantime, let's watch Bernanke wreck the landscape, and stay as far away as possible from his catastrophic damage by hedging with PM.  Our shield is tough, and our sword strong.  When the time is right, we will thwart his attacks and win the war.  That day is soon.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gold goes parabolic, Now

A few weeks ago I wrote that gold was decoupling from paper gold.  What happened is that gold spun its wheels in the mud, and paper gold is the mud.  The oilgarchs know that once oil production peaks, oil can not trade for dollars.  Oil will trade for precious metal, backed by a currencie or otherwise.

As today is friday, any up move will be put on pause for the weekend.  How ironic.  We will see gold move up for the remainder of the day.  Next week the price explodes.  Get ready, and remember, get monie!

Dollar Rolls over, Dies

The dollar is flat on its back, and down for the count.  A civilaized person would only continue fighting if it regained its standing, yet the fight continues.  Bernanke wants a weaker dollar, but does he know the dollar is nearly dead?  He does, Sarkozy does, Zoelick does, Greenspan and on and on.  The world knows the dollar is done, do you?

The arguement, fiat vs. fiat is inately a strawman.  Comapring horses at the glue factory has never won any races, nor bets on any races.  All fiat is doomed, and the tell is on the dollar's face.

Fiat money has no collateral, except the gold that lines the Central Bank vaults.  What will happen when the debt is crushed by the renigging of obligations?  Well there is always another day.  Prepare accordingly.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Some things in life trigger response.  Death, birth, injury, ecstasy, and language.  From the sound of a baby's coo, to the baby's mother's response, to a poem being read by a belligerent bohemian, words matter.  Word is the closest we can get to express our truths, even though we merely perceive them through a veil, and the truth will set us free.

Certain words and phrases resonate inside us.  When the outside talks the inside responds.  Our minds and hearts vibrate together in a remembrance of our past.  We experience all of life in that moment.  Then we try to register its meaning.  Between this is experience.

Happiness and sadness can come from these experiences whether we like it or not.  We have no allegiance to any words in particular and that is how it is the past experiences that guides our hearts over our minds so to catch the meanings.

So when I heard FTD BTFPM I couldn't stop smiling.  Still can't.  Something about the urgent yet stoic nature.  In this time of gubertorial theft and deciete, the truth rings loud and clear.  FTD, because who cares about what the dictated price is.  BTFPM, because what else is there.

The Biggest lie ever Sold

The Alchemist's lie is that monie can be created out of nothing, and be backed by nothing but an IOU.  They tried and tried by slaving over mercury for millennium to create gold from nothing.  They have never been successful, but did trick everyone into thinking they achieved their goal.  It was the greatest trick ever played on humanity.

It was this lie that separated the first world from the third world to its now unprecedented proportions.  Before fiat monie, the first world had a leg up because of the first world's immaculate education program.  Education was what makes Manifest Destiny a decent act.  It is the only thing, as the school houses that lined America may have been they only good that came from the sacking of the land.  After that, from 1913 on, it was only the established privilege that separated the 'worlds'.  If it had not been for the dollar, and the advantage the US had after WWII, the world would have been much flatter.

Education is what separated America from its government.  The government favored war, and although the people did not stand in the way, their education kept them cultured.  That culture is long gone now.  It was replaced by consumerism.  Consumerism relies on free credit, and easy monie.  Free credit ends with a peak production in oil, because oil is credit and the lifeblood of the economy.  Easy monie ends when fiat is revealed for the lie it is.  These two things will be dominoes next to each other in the grand scheme of things.

People are innately empathetic, but they are also opportunistic.  This cognitive dissonance rings hallow for some, and the tremble is enough to keep some straight.  For others, freedom of choice is such an exciting experience that they forget one's actions always correlates directly into the society.  Cultures that were once built on people's inherent memes are now shaken into subservient behavior.  The greed extends into consumerism.  Consumerism was sold on free monie.  It created the frenzy we see today that leaves many people helpless to their own fate.  Either we walk away from this or we grip it until our culture's death.

Free monie is a lie, because someone always pays for it.  The dollar affords cheap oil and consumer goods.  How does this happen?  China has low living standards.  If they did not, then there would be no first world.  There must be a 3rd world for the first world to exist, at least, the way it does today.  The playing field could be evened out because the monie that is concentrated in the hands of a select few could create a wealth effect if it was let out of the bag.

It is not about redistributing wealth, but about what is fair.  There is enough food produced to feed everyone, but not everyone gets fed.  That is a travesty.  Not everyone needs a TV, so there is a limit.  The next wave of humanity is best to understand what is important for everyone, including self.  If someone had the choice to feed the hungry, or have an iphone, that choice should be obvious.  That choice may present itself very soon.  Hopefully there are no wars fought over the consumer way of life.  That would be tragic.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Much things to say right Now

China was bestowed gift upon gift today.  It started with Obama taking Hu's coat, had a nice pause for lobster dinner, and ends with gold being sold to Asia at today's low.  The US is pleading with China to combine their power with the US corporations in an attempt to conquer the world.  China looks pleased to go along.

There is a lot the corporations can learn from China, and China the corporations.  There is a lot of benefit too.  If the rest of the world can be dominated the same way that China dominates its populace, the Corporate Takeover will go off without a hitch.  If China can continue to use the corporations as a tool to further their building of their empire, they have the chance to rival America and Europe as the dominant geo political state.

America looks downright pathetic graveling at the feet of the corrupt Chinese government.  It is not that either is better, but that both are down low and dirty doers.  It is a strawman to think America is good because China is bad.  This is the Hegelian dialectic and this is a false paradigm.

The economy functions in a similar matter.  The question, 'what is a better trade' is a paradox when the only answer is 'none but gold'.  Compare sectors, and be distinct.  Mining and oil fit together because the machinery uses oil to dig the ground.  How would these two sectors benefit in a world of post peak production?  After the question of oil and metals, consumer items come to play.  Food before all else, and discretion comes from how much spending power?  There will always be privileged but how and how many?  The class system can be evened out, but excesses will not be cheap.  How far are we willing to go?

The downfall of the middle class is almost halfway down the rabbit hole.  Soon Muni Madness will teach this "class" that houses are common things, usually.  Many houses have been and will be built, and most of them poorly.  China has many houses, houses I assume many Americans will use as homes post peak oil while Natural Gas is struggling to power the world.  Natural gas will have in between 2015-2040 to rule.  Many cities will pop up near Natural gas deposits.  What can not be piped will be made liquid and shipped.  America will struggle during this time.  So much so many people will move Sur, to the Middle East, and to Europe.  America is amazingly separated from natural gas reserves.  What will save America if she can not get her dams together before the price of oil goes stratospheric?  The North East and North West should be fine, but areas that do not have hydro will be in trouble.  There will be dead zones that will  be forced to adapt to solar or perish.

Then sometime around this spectacular happening fiat currencie will struggle to trade for and with commodities (especially energy).  It will be that time when they are pronounced dead, and Keynesian theory with them.  I do not have to be dramatic to demonstrate what will become of Krugman and Bernanke.  They will be thoroughly discredited, at the least.

It will be then that currencies are once again rationed by ounces of precious metals and then these will set the metric for price.  It is rudimentary, but how exact is anything?  Science and math get one to philosophy and then the mind can push no further.  We are limited, we accept that.

Here and now the Main Steam Media pushes memes like drugs on its chainless captures.  TVs flash brightly and stun the watchers into believing the world is a certain fairy tale.  The fairy tale of life runs deeper than what the Stream is believed to be.  Stream to delta and delta to sea, we are all and all are we.


The Trinity has moved smack dab into the middle of its three day range.  This is always to be expected.  The next move could be the lightning out of the bottle move we are waiting for.  The move may not happen for a week.  I say that because I think equities will pull back during that time.  Since the world loves panning gold this range may have further to consolidate.

One reason it can consolidate, and this is important, is that platinum has been raised up.  Every time one of the sisters Trinity go up in price it allows more margin of profit.  This margin is used up to its fullest, always.  Always by Blythe and Ben.  They love panning gold.

The Big Dippers

By now anyone with sense knows that fiat "monie" is doomed.  Sarkozy spent a brief moment in front of the Davos crowd and said last year a new reserve currencie was needed.  Before that, Medvedev issued the same claim, and held up some golden coin he probably got from his tungsten reserve.  Even Geithner has mentioned a move away from the dollar.  He said, "We have considered the SDR.." as a way to stabilize the dollar.  Lately many monie managers have joined the rhetoric, and even the MSM is pimping the idea.  So what is taking so long for the new world currencie to be instituted?

This coordinated event has many levels.  One is that the global governments want to make sure that gold reserves are balanced out across the spectrum accordingly.  Russia and China for example have been buying double fisted for the last decade.  The other factor is that the rich of the rich are doing the same.  Along the way, Goldman and the House of John Pierpont Morgan collect fees telling the dumb rich which way to lay down their wealth.

I am reminded of a brilliantly boring movie made by the inheritor of the Johnson and Johnson corporation.  It is titled "The One Percent" and was made by Jamie Johnson.  It is a much watch, and details just how stupid most rich people are.  They are no different from you and I, and in fact, because they are spoiled, are probably more ignorant than average.  Many of the people who hold a majority of the wealth have no idea what to do with it, and along the way, they lose a good portion of it.

So while cash sloshes around the economy like a beer held by a drunk, Lloyd and Jamie and Bernanke collect their fees.  It is a giant game of musical chairs.  Some people buy the dips, and some people just hold on.  Buffet was a dip buyer in '08.  Carlos Slim just bought the dip this month.  China is buying the dip today.

We do know how this ends though, just not when.  Soon what the MSM has been pimping to the populations of the world, that a new reserve currencie is needed, will come to fruition.  Until then, the chairs on the deck will be rearranged over and over, and the big dippers will continue to buy all dips in hope that the end means what I call a Corporate Takeover.  I say to get off of the fiat boat and steal a life raft.  The life raft is physical precious metal.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sometimes the market leaves me speachless.  When I have said everything I can think of, I like to leave it.  Last summer I called the top on the DXY all over ZH.  I pinpointed the day the DXY would touch DXY 81 2 months out, and I shut up and watched.  Sometimes when things are going your way, it is best to sit back and relax.

I am getting that feeling now.  The MSM is about all their lies in a way they have never been.  The AZ shooting is warping their rhetoric around their necks like an Anaconda.  Politics in America is dead.  Time to sit back and watch the chickens run without their heads.

And these are the people pimping the dollar, or rather, propping it up.  The fiat lie is the rgeatest lie ever told, and it is unwrapping itself infront of them majically.  Without their stones, the alchemers are left in the cold.  But it was a bag of tricks, those stones, and they were too heavy a weight to carry so far.

Life is such an epic journey that most people never get started.  Most unfortunately are either never given the chance, or never take it.  Oppurtunity is a gift, but realizing that the light is there for anyone to take is that second step.  After that, it is all fun. 

The Trinity have left their captures in the dungeon.  They are running to us.  We will help them escape.  It is time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

How China paralells Constantine's Roma

Constantine had massed his troops on the outskirts of Roma.  His army was the biggest and best trained in the world.  Constantine was there for one purpose.  To conquer Rome.

Common history tells us that he saw God, and painted his shield accordingly.  This is the story, but there is more.  The first thing Constantine did was walk into the Treasurie of Roma and tell the Priest Class that he knew their secret.  The secret was there was no gold in the Treasurie, no silver.  He said that the priests had two choices.  Either he would kill them and take their country, or he would let them stay as the priest class.  They chose the latter, and together, they sculpted Christianity.

Today Hu the President of China will come to America, which he owns a great deal of.  He is concerned about his investment, as any investor is.  He will check and make sure it is working.  Or maybe he will tell the US Treasurie what Constantine told Rome.  I know you are bankrupt, so I want to help write the new charter.

He has said that the dollar's time as world reserve currencie is nearly finished.  He said the Yuan could replace it soon.  It is not the first time China has hinted this policy, but this time it is not an ironic statement.  This time he is marching into his debter and giving orders.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Next Crisis

The Next Crisis will be one or more of a choice of black swans.  The next crisis will lead to fraudclosuregate to collapse upon America and break the backs of the common consumer.  The muni meltdown will surround the community like by a fire on its perimeter.  The Fed will not help.  What will people do?

The corporations will come to the rescue with the billions we gave them.  IIt will be the corporations led by the House of John Pierpont Morgan that saves the commoners.  Sure the will give loans to the village plebs!  On interest of course.  This has been the plan all along.

The last corporate Takeover

Many moons ago a small group of men thought up the ieda that corporations could exist unbound of common laws.  These men wanted their deeds to go unknown unless they said so.  They were tired of common folk telling them what they could not do.

The plan had many stages.  The first was to establish a law that earned them the right of citizen.  Then after the bank run started by the House of John Pierpont Morgan began the Federal Reserve Bank.  By starting wars they generated revenue and broadened technology.  Now that oil reserves, the lifeblood of the economy, are being fried up, the corporations will mae one last move to gain total conrtrol over the economy.  They will do it to finally and officially destroy the world governments (after they had destroyed their respected industries).  Soon the world will be leveled off and instead of first and third world nations, ther will be only the rich of the world and the poor.  Those running the corporations will be the rich.

In the confusion the broke nations would need the corporations to restore the old world.  The corporations would hire and pay workers to rework the networks.  The destruction of the past would create the oppurtunity for the future.

But this is not needed.  The corporations are not what holds power.  People hold power, and once realized then we will remake this world in our image.  The image of a coproration does not reflect humanity.  Humanity reflects nature, and we must restore the balance of life.

The PPT will try to keep the field just from tipping over, until it tips over.  We must stand and fight and ask for the water to be poured from the piture and into our mouths.  Knowledge is only the first step, the second is action.

The actiom ust be cordinated, and it must be cordinated against the corporations.  They all must be boycotted.  Everything we do must change.  If we can keep the corporations at bay long enough, we will be able to keep our villages.  Otherwise it is not a global village we face, but a corporate one.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Oil Checks

Oil checked today, as in chess, not poker.  Your turn Bernanke.  Look at today's oil graph.  You can find it on  See that move?  I call that the checkmark, looks like a checkmark.  It is one of the most bullish moves.  Oil looks ready to fly.  Check to you, Bernanke.

If Bernanke does not go on TV tonight and admit he used the wrong policy, that would not even help.  Really, what happens next is that Bernanke does some stupid move, and platinum check mates him.  Platinum made one of its classic moves during the last week.  It moved from $1700 to $1800 in the quiet of the night.  Aparently no one noticed.  Everyone was talking about gold and silver's losses instead.  Unbelievable.  Platinum hands the market their collective, and no one notices.

The ducks are lined up.  The four horseman, which is the Trinity and oil, are on the cusp of ending the Keynsian nightmare.  I think platinum's run will start now, and the other three will follow.  Together the four will average a 20% gain over the next couple months, and nothing stands in the way.  If people can no longer pay for food, how could they pay for gold?  If people can not pay for water, how could they pay for platinum?

I am upset that the CFTC is still under the House of John Pierpont Morgan's thumb, but it will be their loss.  I say let the common gold bug gather ounces as long as possible.  When COMEX fails delivery, it will be worth the pains that have been the up and down (and low) gold price.  For all those people holding hundreds of thousand of dollars of paper gold, there will be a person with one ounce.  Ask yourself when it all falls down, who will inherit the earth?  It comes down to who can stop the four horsemen.  We can stop them and use them for our gain.  Bernanke wnats to use them against us.  The four are not cognitive of their actions, they only do what they are told.  Tell them they are on your side, and buy them the gift of being owned by someone who does not manipulate them.

Both sides of the paper Chase

Bernanke and Blythe are like cheating gamblers in a casino.  The fact that there is such a thing as paper gold is treason on economics.  Gold should never be shorted.  It should also not be a part of the fractional reserve system, but it is.  Gold is an asset and only an asset.  Gold is monie that can be used as a commodity, not the other way around.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Netflix to be Aquired in '11

It is just a theory but I think a tech giant will scoop Netflix up during 2011.  The only company that would not need to is Apple.  Apple TV has a brand that can compete with Netflix.  There are two corporations that currently work with Netflix and they may wish to own them outright.  Those companies are Microsoft and Comcast.  Comcast helps deliver Netflix on cable, and Microsoft uses thier device the X Box to stream Netflix online.  Both corporations may wish to use the movie giant to their advavnatge.

I could also see the entertainment giant Disney buy Netflix.  I think Disney is in the need for a new way to get their media to its audience.  GE is rumored to want to sell NBC, and they could use some of their excess cash to keep their foot in entertainment.  Other companies such as Sony and Nintendo could also try to make a move.

Platinum is Dominating

Platinum is making all markets look stupid.  Best to run to Tiffany, or at least do your shopping on line.  Every pretty lady should have a key around their neck, and why not make it platinum.  The less is bought for shiny the more is used industrially.  Medical equipment uses it, and cars will use it too.  Platinum is past its peak production level which came in 2009.  Today it reflected all these reasons in its price action.

After her sister meatls took a hit today platinum settled from her breakout and cascaded lightly back to $1800.  I have writ for quite some time about the $1800 level and that it would be the next breakout point for all four of the horsemen (Trinity plus oil).  Once platinum gets moving past $1800 look out for $2500.  It will be just around the corner.

Big Sis Is

Part of the American society has become totally disconnected from its culture.  The culture was unplugged when TV was plugged into the free time.  TV fractured the family by taking the important hours of mealtime conversation away.  and upon this commitment to not communicate each position of the family was compartmentalized.  Man, woman, child, other family, friend.  Each position became amazingly separate.  Then while everyone has their own room and become 'themselves' the separation continues until men nurse beers at bars alone until they die.

People have become so disconnected it is not only children who play video games.  Boomer woman are the number one farmville players.  How many 20 somethings have at least one video game they play religiously?  Almost all of them.  Gossip media has all the heads of humanity wondering who is with who, and who is going to break up.  Friends become surreal as Kim Kardashion is known better than most sisters.  People also distort themselves to act like those on screen.  The whole point of life search is taken and in its place another plot sold.

Over the past several years the big brothers and sisters have made their mission statement.  Everyone is to watch everyone else.  We need to make sure the terror is searched and found.  The paradigm of fear has been installed.   Ironically there is room for any person in any position, and this is why people feel free.  Do you dress like a butch lesbian?  Well if you wish to you may watch America's Next Top Model.  Are you a bald short gay man?  Well you are welcome to root for your local sports team// Are you a frat boy?  Go ahead and experiment with your brothers.  Like I said, everybody can try to be anyone they wish.  This is the freedom of today.

Ponzinomics who stole the sisters Trinity

The precious metal miners are under the spell of ponzinomics.  Spot gold is steady at the important level of $1385.  Gold has been at this support level for some time.  It saw a massive selloff today, but stayed above support due to the dollar's weakness.  The dollar is under massive duress.

But in the short term the corrilation is not corrilating for gold on spot and equity in gold producing/outfitting corporations.  Somehow it is the miners that lost out.  You would think that with the supply curve moving ever more so, and with a stead yprice, gold miners and the like would increase in value.  That has not been the case for the first two weeks of January.  '11 has started off as a dud.

The Mizers are buying the F'n dip, of course, but the average investor may have lost their lunch.  '11 has not churned profit for anything except platinum and oil (hint, hint) and the only exciting news are the rather large mergers and aquisitions.

Gold may be down from where New Years lovers exchanged gifts, but it is merely part of any long term chart.  What goes up must come down.  When gold goes down it is from pulled from below by Bernanke and other market manipulaters from the President's Working Group on Financial Markets.  It is water torture.

Gold and her sisters, two, are strong and we have planned an escape.  From the forest we moved in silence and only spoke in code.  Since January 1st we have marched the descent that will bring us to where the sisters are kept.  Now we break in the door, and take the three home.  The glory of her Kingdom shall be done.

How to trade Levels

The first thing about trading is knowing the levels of the range for a certain item.  If the item is gold, or rather monie, the fundamentals would be strong, so we would be looking for long term growth.  Then one must use their illusion.  They must chart. 

This of course is completley and utterly opinionated.  The levells are sought by people peeping charts, and then drawing lines across them.  People call the art names like "Umbrella" or "cloud".

Formations however tainted by manipulation do turn up from time and time again.  How accurate are the patterns?  That is for the chartist to decide.

Platinum breaks $1800 with Authority

Respect platinum's authority!  She is the most under rated of the Trinity.  She has yet to break her nominal high of $2200, and it will be a fast climb to that number.  The move today speaks for itself.  We have been waiting for a break and look at the one we got!  Huge upside, and all the while, the markets capitulate.  Some like the fiat dollar have rolled over and died, some like equities can not get a grip.  Yet platinum makes her move like lightening out of a bottle.  Here is to platinum on January 13th.

Now that the move has  happened the dust should momentarily settle.  Silver will catch up and move to just over $30 by the weekend, and gold will round $1400.  Oil will stay where it is.  Then soon these four will move up with platinum leading the charge.  The leg stops with platinum at $220, and so the others will be trading with gold at $1500, silver at $36, and oil at $105.  By that time the dollar as the DXY will be at 66.  Oh, and then the party really starts.  Platinum will move from $2200 just like silver broke $20.92.  People will be waiting to buy the f'n dip, but will not get a chance until platinum is north of $2500.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reminded of the Arizona Tragedy

I was reading old Zerohedge articles, and I came across a comment that pertained to the sorry state of the American structure, the paradigm.  I think that it represents how I feel about the shooting in Arizona.

The question proposed, 'Whose fault is this?'

by Mr Lennon Hendrix
on Sat, 03/13/2010 - 16:24

Everyone's; thus because their cluelessness affects all, it is everyone's "fault".  Blame the individual first, then let the blame trickle up.  If America had been told not to eat fast food, then it would be the fault of the individual.  Because it was not only made readily available, but was thrust on the populace, it is the fault of all.  Is this too much to ask?  At this point, yes.  Hindsight is 20/20; but a fool and his time will soon part.
Blame the kid or the parent?  The kid is mentally fragile, due to the upbringing.  The parent also?  A vicious cycle.  Really, who cares anymore, it is all over.  The time for debate was long ago.  America FAILS.  The world FAILS.  No "redos".  Calvinball lasts until supper.  We lost Hobbes in the forest.  Now Calvin goes to bed while the rents go searching for him.  Too bad in this case, the parents hate Calvin; this because Calvin is not their son.  The DOELARR was double XROSSED!  Y?  because they DON"T LIKE YOU!

The context is economic, but in Arizon's case the dialectic has the same rhetoric.  The parents of the shooter were complacent of their son.  The boy was complacent in life.  This is like the relationship between government and its civil 'servants' (used as a like term to government overlords).  Who is to blame for the wars abroad.  Yes we marched and protested the Iraq war but to no matter.  Yes we protested the bailouts, but they have never stopped.  And for many, there is no protest, and there is no action.  Many people are totally complacent and passively support the lie.

The maniacal killer may have never had a chance in life, and if that is the case, it is not oly his failure, but his society's.  He needed  and never received help for his problems.  In fact, it is reported that he was pushed to act savagely by the police because he had been reported by many concerned citizens.  This microcosm of culture should be examined further.  If the government is lying to facilitate the problems then they need to be ended.  This economically, politically, and socially.

Dollar the cliff Jumper

If the dollar was good at anything it is the fact that it can move down abruptly and cliff back up to the point it was.  It is a kin to a cliff diver who jumps and then climbs a trail to jump again.  The dollar has performed from many different nooks on the cliff, jumping from 89 to 79 this summer into fall.  There was also its descent during '09, spring, summer, and fall when the dollar made the same feat.  Now the dollar has made smaller jumps, choosing to stay on the smaller part of the cliff. 

There is one spot that has called the dollars name, but the dollar has never tried the jump before.  It is to the DXY 70.   It looks to be a dangerous jump.  The landing is rocky, the water may be shallow.  But a group led by Bernanke have goaded the dollar into trying the trick.  They have pointed and said, we want you to jump to the water.  The move will take the dollar from DXY 80 to the low 70's.  If the dollar does not make the jump perfect, it may not survive.

This may not be a choice that the dollar has though.  Geithner wants the Yuan to begin to do tricks and if that happens the dollar may be forced to jump.  Basically if Geithner gets his way, the Yuan will be a rock tied to the dollar and it will be pushed off into the sea below.  The dollar's day looks to be numbered. 

Paper was a fragile choice to embody the dollar's Frankenstein nature.  The Central Bankers were looking for the easiest way to get the monster off of the table, and paper was cheaper than gold.  It is funny that it comes down to the bankers being cheapskates, but that is the truth.  The dollar plan was laid bare so to transfer wealth at the lowest cost to the banks.  It was a win win situation.  Of course the situation is over and it has become a problem.  The only answer to the problem is gold.  It is obvious, in part because look there the banks have all of the gold-supposedly,  But also it is a fact that gold is monie.  Soon the monster will fail.  Will it be rewired?  If it were, at what cost?  Hopefully people will stand up and act to make the choice themselves so the decision, once again, is not decided for them.

It better rain Monie

Bernanke better remember that he is going to throw monie from the sky.  I would get those choppers ready now.  Whitney the White Witch is standing by her Muni Madness claim of devastation on bond holders.  Bernenke will pay her out too?  All the while the bankers rejoice.  Dimon is convinced he is ready for the recovery.

 It takes monie to make money and Gross like dimon must invest somewhere.  He is sticking with brand America and will have nothing to do with debt from Port deGaul.  The European ponzi should fear not however, as Asia would like to have a piece of the West.  The players of the paradigm are like vulture.  They can not prey upon anything and must wait their turn.  China buys Europe, then Bernanke buys America.  Gross buys America, and Japan buys Portdegaul.  The debt may be changing hands, but it only in a circle.  The deflation side of the game is like musical chairs.  The inflation is a rule whhere the players are lit on fire.  That is why gold is so strong.  It can not be burned up.  That is why gold will be in the chair to finish the game.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bank on the News

Banking and finance was all the news today.  Sarkozy asked for G 20 standards on his best friend Obama's dollar, which means the global income tax can usher in the SDR backed bancor.  JPM will raise their dividend as Dimon sells the brand like JPM is a used car.  The rush of mergers and acquisitions had Wall Street in a frenzy.  Geo-policy is shaping up right now quickly and quietly, yet America is dealing with another crisis.  Focus is skewed by the green colored glasses made at the POMO Operations headcourtiers.  The amount still being worn by the members of society is changing daily.  The crisis'es are creating a whirlwind of Karma.

The connotation of the G 20 request by Sarkozy will lead to the 1st World being taxed like the 3rd World is.  After a country declares bankruptcy the IMF and World Bank step in and propose loans.  The loans are made with commodities and resources of the State as collateral.  If there is another bankruptcy then the IMF taxes the State heavily.  In the US' case, the chief export is the dollar, so that is what will be taxed.  It will be an income tax, a VAT tax on the dollar.

Platinum on the Verge

Platinum had two flash crashes tonight which means a big monie player forced the issue.  I imagine it was the Asian governments.  Someone wanted a lower price than they thought they could get later, and they pulled a flash crash.  Why should the US exchanges have all the fun manipulating the markets?  So once again the impervious nature of the market makers has the markets up in smoke.  Paper burns, and the furnice is hot!

The last time precious metals were tested like this was when the Dollar and Euro were finished with their last debt crisis.  That was only last spring, it does not feel like too long ago!  When this next phase hits home both America and Eurpoe will be toast and marmalade.  The Muni Meltdown plus Fraudclosuregate will burn the US, and Europe will lose Spain to its own crisis, following Port de Gaul, Ireland, Greece. 

The jump off point for silver before it broke $21 with authority came from below the resistance with a massive build up of support, just as happened with platinum.  Tonight platinum looks ready and primed.  The break from $1800 to $2200 may happen soon.

What will it do to the markets to have platinum finally catch up to the other metals?  Platinum is still below its all time high of $2200.  Its recent high is touching $1800.  It will rip through that price range like a bat out of hell.  This move will be exactly like Silver this late summer/early fall.  What will happen with the other currencies when platinum goes to test its all time nominal high?

Because the Trinity trade together, and they do so because they all share equal characteristics as monie, silver and gold are likely to climb on the back of platinum.  This will take some pressure off of oil, but at the same time oil will rise for the same reasons the Trinity rises.  Oil is a highly valuable commodity that is or is almost on its downside of production.  These worldly resources are high in demand.  The price shift is on.

Update:  The Trinity is moving up in lockstep, I repeat....this is extremely bullish.  It does not happen often, in Asia or otherwise.

Gold is handing Bernanke his Papers

 The year:  2012

A HDTV hangs behind plexiglass at a bar.  The room is dimly but fluorescently lit.  The keep leans against a baseball bat as he watches the screen flicker.  The news is playing.  A sharp dressed but only moderately literate male announcer comes on:

"Gold has topped at $5500.  I think the Central Banks now have inflation under control...."

A man sits at the bar nursing a beer.  He looks up at the screen.  A skinny woman in a pink and purple dress admits from a well cushioned chair:

"The price of gold had not changed since the World Bank and IMF decided to loan money to the global governments.  The price increase came out of nowhere, I mean 50% gain yesterday, and then again today, but I guess it is good for the banking system.  And what is good for the banking system..."

Her corrispodant chimes in:

"After the Europe contagion combined with America's Muni Madness to form the mother of all debt and currency crisisese, the world had to do something."

She blushes:

"The only option was for the IMF and World Bank to step in, and they wanted gold."

"They wanted gold and the central banks had gold to loan.  The new system basically pays for itself."

"The old fiat system was a weight on the world.  The Bernanke era will be remembered as not understanding the fundamentals of monie."


He looks down at his beer.  He can not remember the last time he drank one.  The only beer he had at the POW camp was after he had killed his captures and eaten their lunches, and it took him 4 months to get out of the Vietnamese jungle. 

"The UN has stepped in for boarder control on the US Mexico boarder.  Thus US troops have their hands full in the Middle Kingdom,"

Monday, January 10, 2011


Tonight will see the Trinity consolidate on its 3 day average.  They will cascade overnight and will track just above Friday morning of last week.  Gold will open up on NY at $1365.  I think tomorrow will be a big day in all the markets.  Lots of acquisitions, and still many problems for the finance world.  Prudhoe bay pipleline is leaking, the Maul of the Gaul is leaving Europe is broke.  Nothing looks good for anything, except real monie.  Tomorrow should be a big signal as to how everyones plans will fruit.

The metals will consolidate by the Yuan strengthening.  It has not strengthened firmly for a week, and is now testing resistance.  If the Yuan pulls out, and the dollar weakens, the market could be shaken hard.  It would have the Trinity and oil moving higher and the dollar moving lower, back to the 78 range.  This would then put gold at $1420.  Then any shakedown from there could tip the scale and platinum could run to $2200.  Oil will ride the wave as well.

Oil will consolidate to $89 tonight on this wave of change.  Tomorrow could see oil break its $90 resistence level.  All of the main players are testing important levels.  A lot of it has to do with the ebb and flow of the yuan vs. the dollar since June.  It has become an honest relationship, the yuan vs. the dollar.  Tells about the market are produced by what happens there.  Tomorrow could be the day the dominoes are triggered.  I think it will be.

Liberal Smear Campaign

The Neo Democratic party was founded by Averill Harriman.  His first wife, Kitty, was the biggest fund raiser for the party in the roaring '20's.  His second wife was Marie Norton Vanderbilt Whitney, a notable socialite. The party has been the left hand of the Hegelian dialectic used by the Scull and Bonesmen of the 20th Century to facilitate a debate bound by paradigm.  The paradigm is used and abused by both sides of the political discourse.

It is the Dems who appeal to many class ideologues such as socialism and general welfare.  Socialism would not be a bad idea, except that it is funded on the back of a fiat ponzi system.  They are who were taught in college that because the Republicans are bad, the Democrats are good.  This is a strawman arguement.  Both parties have similar ideologies.  Both fund wars absolutely equally (Howard Zinn wrote the Democrats have outspent the Republicans since WWII).  The main difference is economics.

Both sides are used to push terror, and it only depends on what the problem was.  One side is always against something, and together they form a pincher movement on equal rights.  The paradigm must be ended in order to create a true debate, but until then, it will be the bound dialectic.

If the liberal smear campaign comes out for gun control after the AZ shooting they will be reminded that the Congresswoman was a staunch advocate of gun rights.  Politics is usually like watching a child's attempt at an issue.  The left and the right will probably blow any opportunity that this tragedy can afford.  No one will be surprised at the crazy things that can come of US politics.

Silver and Oil

Silver and oil have a history of tracking each other.  Up until the Hunt brothers cornering gold's sister metal, oil was to silver 3:1.  The relationship has not stayed constant, but remember silver has had its price manipulated.  What would silver have done when oil was $147 a barrel if the shorts had not been on?  If the silver shorts get blown out due to a squeeze on physical, then oil could catapult up.  Also, when oil production peaks, which it will in the next few months/years, then silver will also go atmospheric.  Nothing stands in the way commodities trade.  They trade for real monie.  Always have, and always will.

The oil spill has the corporations losing equity similar to the GOM oil spill.  This time oil spot goes higher.  So the corporations are not only taking profit but the industry will buy back in at a lower price.  Oil Majors are set to benefit soon from oil at $100-$200.  They are banking on it.

As the oil fiasco (which I think was done purposefully) takes oil majors lower, silver corporations gain.  The money between oil and silver sloshes like water in a tub.  It stays in the tub but moves from side to side.  With the massive volatility in the market, the commodities and real monies are drowning fiat.

The dollar is weak after the news Brasil wants a trade war.  The US only exports dollars, and paper Vs. the world will be like Mike Tyson fights.  The dollar does not have a chance to deal with real exports.  It will be best if the dollar changes policy, but with MUNIs discussing tax increases of 75%, the policy change will be tight.  There is not much room for maneuverability for the governments.  They are in a corner.  Not a great place to be when the rest of the world wants wars.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nothing is Static

I am riding the bull on the news that COMEX has delivered a massive amount of silver.  I am a little leary of the price action so far this year, but then again, I did call the dip.  But when we passed $29, I did get antsy.  It is hard to save face when the dip dip's your dip.  No matter though, we know gold's fundamentals.  We know the best horse in the race.  The strech will come when silver pulls away to $36 in a short time span.  $50 will hit the tape. Then it is game over, and onto the thouroghbred matchup.  Once fiat is shown for what it is, the new investment question for the field is the debate between gold and silver.  As for  this last lap of the qualifying race, silver and fiat will continue to come apart. 

Finance is always in flux.  Demand and supply never actualize equilibrium at the moment one is looking.  It is a kin to watching a pot boil.  It is best to step away for some time and come back.  You know it is going to boil, so relax and kick your feet up until it happens.

The shorts will have a difficult time managing their position while the COMEX vaults are being raided.  Add the pressure coming from your local coin shop and the "Buy Silver" movement is in full gear.  Only a couple more months are needed to squeeze industrial use to a higher price range.  I am sure once silver is over $50 per ounce the average investor will wake up.  Then we will see another leg up.  After that leg will be when not only the average financial advisor is in, but the average person.  Please remember this is a worldwide movement.  Consistent buying will have a massive effect on supply.

This week may be flat, but $28 has been tested, and has stood the test.  I would not be surprised if the action was flat this week, but by the end of the month, silver will have most likely moved back to the $31 range.  With all the upside right now, and a dip in the price, why not invest in silver?  It is real monie, after all.

Monie and Energy

If, and it is the biggest if, if a new energy source came online, something like cold fussion, what would happen to the economic landscape?  Would gold lose its value as a store of value if energy was freely available?

The Hirsch Report stated it would take 20 years to mitigate peak oil production.  That would mean that if Hubert is right, and the peak is now, alternative energy would have had to be put in line in 1991.  But what if a new energy source came online fast?  What would happen to demand for it and other resources?

It is my belief that one of oil's main values is its ability to store value.  This is why alternative energies are inferior to oil.  Oil is potable and storeble.  Energy from wind, solar, and water need to be used instantly as there is no way to store them.  Battery power has not adapted to demand.

Until there is a perfect and unlimited cheap energy source, gold will be the unit of account for measuring resources.  After oil, gold will hold chip position over all units of account until a new cheap energy comes on line.  The until may never happen, but I will hope it does, as if it does not, peak oil will wreck havoc on industry.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

No need for Alarm

I am saddened by today's tragic event.  I do hope that everything will be handled rationally, and that means no sudden moves by the Federal government or the American public.  The shooting should not compromise amendments, or access to public servants.  It should also not be used to further the Hegelian dialectic, but that has already happened.  Such idiots like Krugman have already laid judgement on the population.  This was the act of one deranged person, maybe with an accomplice.  There is no room for political discourse on this subjects.  It does not matter what the shooter intended.  He showed a contempt for life, and the discussion should end there.

That being said, this will be an interesting week for the markets.  First, oil production ramped during late '10 and this spike gives the world another breathe of fresh energy.  However, if that spike was the peak, then it could be the last gasp.  M K Hubbert predicted the top in oil production would occur in '10, maybe he was right.  The last time oil production spiked was the summer of '08, right before the crisis started.  Will it happen again this time?

Then again, and most likely, production will not fall onto the downside yet, but maintain the bumpy plateau for a few more months if not a few more years.  With energy comes credit, which makes the other credit source of the bankers less valuable.  The other credit source is precious metal.  This is the crux of all economics, which is why prices of precious metals and oil are so closely watched.

Support is being tested by precious metals, and the Euro.  The Maul of Gaul is in full swing, and even if the Euro falls, The Trinity of precious metals will do their best to not go down with the ship of FIAT.  Resistance is being tested by oil and the dollar.  The dollar appears strong only because of the Euro.  It must be that in finance a strawman arguement holds up.  A pity, really.

The range is wide open for anything, and I feel like I have no idea what will happen.  But there is no need for alarm, because precious metals are the ultimate long term wealth preserver.  Worry not, but prepare accordingly.  Get ready for a crazy week.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Next Move

It appears gold has bottomed at $1355, silver bottomed at $28.40, and platinum bottomed yesterday at $1705.  The fact that platinum stayed above yesterday's low is the technical reason I think precious metals have bottomed.  The fundamental reason is because I think Bernanke has no idea what he is doing.

Bernanke is going to hold Treasurie debt until it expires and this is what solves the economic crisis?  The crisis started because cheap energy is no longer abundant and the monie which we use to trade the energy is on the downside of its production.  Gold production bottomed over a decade ago, and it will not be long until oil does as well.  We are now in the grey zone of finance; it is easy to mine the gold while the oil is at the top of production.  Once again, it is because of cheap energy, as cheap fuel, that mining gold is so profitable.  This is essentially 1849 all over again.

ABX tested 49 and it appears it will move up from there.  The whole mining sector took a hit this week on gold's manipulation.  How was gold manipulated?  Well if Bernanke was leasing gold and not allowing any bids, and at the same time Blythe and the House of John Pierpont Morgan were short selling gold, that would cause a significant drop in its price.  I imagine Bernanke finally leased some gold today, which explained the price action.  Considering Hu and China are in the US building, I would not be surprised to find out several months down the line that China did lease gold this month.

Now that Bernanke made it past his Senate Test, I imagine it will be more POMO, more monie printing, and more manipulation.  The only thing is if bank equity is  to increase, gold prices need to increase.  That really is the only certain thing the market has going right now.

So if bank equity is to increase, gold will increase, but the banks want to make even more monie so they will spend their cash.  They will buy corporate debt and equity, so corporations will stay strong.  This is the last phase of the market consolidation started bt the Fall of '08.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

DXY Rally Monkey shouting, "Gold has topped!"

The dollar as it is traded on the exchange as the DXY is rallying hard on what news?  First China buys American debt, now China will buy all of Europe's debt.  China is also buying as much gold as possible.  How much longer will China buy up the world?

China'a growth is slowing.  This is evident by the Baltic Dry Index crashing, again.  Maybe the BDI does this every once in a while but the rhythm has been like a dancer lately.  The swings are wide, like a hula dancer moves her hips.  If China cools, and tries to pull back the dollar, what would happen?  The Fed will continue to monetize the debt, which creates inflation, but China would tighten policy, which would create deflation.  As the two sides rise like opposing tsunamis, the world watches with a cold beverage.  The world is not an oyster, but entertainment.  The climax of the story is unfolding, but any good writer knows this is the point to change pace.  The storybook of history has many twists to its drama.

I think the Central Bankers of the world need a mascot and I think it should be the Anaheim Angels "Rally Monkey".  The Rally Monkey has the name and image to inspire hope in whatever recovery has been mustered from the loins of the global cartel.  The Monkey dances on the Fed dugout, and cries to 'Sell gold, buy dollars!'  Little does the monkey know gold supply is decreasing, and the law of economics states its price must increase with demand.  The demand is there.  The only thing keeping demand from piling in en masse is oil production is still at an all time high.  The oil is the easy credit for the system, as it does the hard work for the people.  The cartel hopes to mitigate easy credit with "new" oil in Iraq.

Iraq oil has become the new punch bowl titled 'easy monie'.  Iraq thinks it can increase production from the one or two million barrels a day it does now to twelve million as of this year and next.  I have no idea how they think they are going to get production in line that quick.  And they will need to to mitigate oil production.  MK Hubert had oil peaking in 2010.  Even if the oil reserves in Iraq are substantial, best case scenario is the bumpy plateau remains in place for another two years.

In the meantime will the global Central Banks continue to buy all paper assets in an attempt to squeeze control from the ponzi?  The paper ponzi is in full effect, and the wind's are picking up.  The consequences will be seen when credit dries up.  Iraq or not means now or later.  Later is only years away.

Or in the case of US National Debt it is months away.  Geithner pointed out that the US must raise their debt ceiling, otherwise suffer the consequences.  The Fed would not mind as the could monetize existing paper and further reduce holdings.  But the American people would have the biggest spending freeze ever.  America would blackout over night.

Gold and silvers are dragging on the bottom of this range like a hoe on the field.  Platinum has stayed flat today.  Platinum is confirming the bottom.  The buyers have emerged on dollar strength, and the weak hands are selling in the cold winter month.  Resource demand is not in question and the world likes gold.  It is interesting that gold is loved by so many, but owned by so few.  Now that equilibrium has seized the metal from the manipulator, the sky is the limit for its price.  Supply/demand would not have it any other way.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Will equity outlast the Treasurie Market?

Equity and banks in particular are flush with cash.  If the dollar rose significantly could equity benefit?  It happened today.  How did that happen?  Massive Euro, Aussie, and Yen weakness triggered the move.  I do not think Aussies will see their currencie depreciate, but Europe and Japan might.  Yen weakness comes from Japan's loose policy and that could trigger a dollar increase.  Coupled with Europe's expensive social state FIAT may be in for a route.  It is weird that the dollar could benefit but it is the way of economics to use these paper monies.  I would assume gold would do well as it has traded on a strong dollar for the better half of last year.

Dollar strength was the major theme today, for no good reason except maybe Bernanke and Shirakawa's ETF made monie shorting silver and Dollar General.  Canada and England's respective Pounds traded best.  Euro did Japan.  Aussie and New Zealand monie was impacted by the floods.  Who was weakest?  Japan loses round one of the Final Showdown of FIAT monie.

If the dollar went up on other currrencie weakness, plus it was deemed best currrencie due to strong jobs numbers on non farm pay role and other economic reports, how high could it go?  How long could dollar strength last?  What would happen with gold?

The dollar has a range that goes up to and no higher than 89, and I see no reason for that to change.  The dollar has a shelf life of 1-3 years and I am on the short side of that trade.  Does a dollar recovery equal an economic recovery?  Not only does it hurt exports but it is a hardship on debt payments.  Inflation is the Keynesian's best friend.  Inflation is necessary to keep prices up, which is one of the Fed's Chief mandates.

The governments are broke and are becoming more broke day by day.  The US will break the $14 trillion barrier in a month and private debt is ten times higher still.  U 6 is morbidly high, food stamps are the bread lines, and all the other depression stats that show the world has out done itself.  The world was complacent and brash.  America led the world to the top and it will lead the decline back down.  What ever the world will look like it will be an Americanization.

The Price of physical precious metal is decoupling from the paper Price

Platinum is once again testing the $1800 resistance level, the most important resistance level in all of finance.  All equities markets across the world have had a 1:1 relationship with platinum at some point or another.  Japan was the most obvious when it tracked platinum verbatim for weeks on end in '10.

If platinum breaks that resistance level it will do exactly what silver did when it broke its range-it will move swiftly to $2200, and then break out from that too.  The room in between $1800 and $2200 is thin.  After that their will be no shorts in the way of appreciation.  What will gold do?  Will silver have another big move?  Anything is possible when the world is in a global debt panic.

When platinum moves past the level it can't seem to break it will be one of those lightening out of a bottle moves PM owners are so accustomed to.  From $1800, $2200 should be made in a week flat.  It will happen when spin news is at its finest.  The US will raise the debt ceiling, and budget cuts of real working jobs will be sold as not only pertinent but becoming.

America may well wallow in the mire a little longer, but not in the face of PMs.  Precious metals are the force behind this economy.  Precious metals are used in all technology, and function perfectly as monie.  It is an investment as a commodity and one of a store of wealth, a unit of account, a fungible asset.  The combination of this perfect asset creates what is real monie.  Paper is bested by real monie because paper is not a store of wealth.  IOU is nothing in the real world.

Paper monie has lost value against real monie its entire existence.  Inflation is always present in a FIAT system because more debt is always needed to promise future payments.  In history FDR and Nixon also did away with standard and FIAT has fallen on its face into the mud.  Can the paper standard get up?

The whiteness is in full formation and hedged appropriately, it is only a matter of time until it lands on the lake of reality.  There is a swan in the wedge that is paper gold.  It is possible that swan will be the one that ends the ponzi.

Spot gold and silver have taken off and continue to create nominal highs.  Platinum is on the edge of breaking out.  Yet miners and other paper gold lag.  Is this the move of physical moving away from paper?  What would happen if gold and silver on COMEX are in short supply?  How high would REAL precious metal prices go?

In an interview the other week Jeff Rense asked Jordan Maxwell what he thought of the silver movement.  He said he didn't know if it would work.  Well it can work if it is willed.  The will of the people is a dangerous thing.

Blythe tries to kidnap Gold

With all their faux ducks in a row, and I will name them, the Market Manipulators went after precious metals for the third time in as many days.  Like a thief in the night, the Manipulators tried to kidnap the sister metals at the NY open.  It looks as though the sisters may escape this turmoil, as they have bounced back rather nicely after the exposure.  Soon the Trinity will be kept in a castle on high, where they belong.  Until then there is work to be done.  We must get them to the castle on the hill.

The first duck is the Euro.  It may be a weak FIAT currency, but it is no worse than the dollar.  It is a fallacy to compare two FIAT currencies.  They are all worthless.  But when monie runs out of the Euro it tends to go to the dollar.  The long term trend has this move bullish for gold, as gold has risen on a strong dollar since the Euro debt crisis last April/May.  When these inflections happen the gold raiders try to capitalize on perceived weakness.  Any run on gold will not last, as gold is where the credit for the FIAT starts.

The dollar poked her head above water today, but I assume the paper asset will shortly drown.  DXY 80 is the breaking point and any sudden downturn will make the markets look silly, as prices will be heavily distorted.  China does not want the dollar, as they repeated today, and not many others are in line for the greenback.  With the Fed the only buyer of US debt, how much longer will the FAIT game last?

Portugal is having bond issues and with a titan of Europe, Spain, next on the list for IMF bailout this spells the end of the Euro.  China will do everything possible to keep the fabric covering the charade together so they are buying Euros.  They want to continue to starve the beast that houses the US military, or what has become of it.  They want America on its knees when the change of guard happens.

Europe is the more viable place to live for the next 40 years, if only slightly.  Once oil is no longer the abundant resource it was, natural gas will become the global mitigater of the energy crisis.  The Middle East is the worlds largest producer of natural gas and Russia is the second.  Europe has a great advantage over America in that regard.  Europe's infrastructure is also better equipped for an oil shock, not to mention their gas prices are as well.  It has been shown that higher taxes on oil help ease the oil shock, probably due to miles driven, and the fact that Americans drive way more than Europeans.

Oil is not down today though, it seems to be picking up the slack on the war against the dollar.  Gold and silver did not fair so well, which was a very interesting correlation.  The markets are suddenly changing, but the game looks no different.  FIAT looks to burst a hole in the side of its bubble, and natural resources are taking over support.  Whatever this new landscape looks like, we are about to find out.

Today we received much political news.  Gibbs will no longer mock the press.  I am sure the next Press Secretary will be cut in the same mold though, as Press Secretaries must be all bark and no bite.  What else would the press have?

Lastly, but not least, it looks like America will share another round with the banking cartel.  A Daly has been asked by President Obama to be not Larry Summers' replacement as first thought, but Rahm Emanuel's replacement as Chief of Staff.  If there is a more blatant move to show America what the true meaning of fascism is, I can not think of one.  The son of the former mafioso mayor looks to hold the most important position in the White House, as Biden has obviously been demoted to the children's table, and Obama is the least cognisant president since Reagan's final years.

So Carlos Slim has his opportunity to buy silver, and so does everyone else.  With the turmoil surrounding all markets, I would not be surprised if this is the last time this price range is tested.  Platinum made a trench formation to bottom today at $1715, and the Trinity has rebounded nicely from today's lows.  What the future holds no one knows, but it looks dim.  As a torch of brightness one can hope gold will lead the way out, as it has done before.  Trust in self, but remember the world has gold.  There may be a reason for that.