Monday, December 13, 2010

Hold your Own; $500 Silver

The peak resource investments will be very similar to investing in technology during the last 40 years; there will be only, 'I wish I shoulda...' and 'I got rich of the trade!'  You know the ones: apple of the eighties, apple of the '00s, microsoft.  Well $500 silver will be looked back at one of those trades that nobody should have missed.

It would have been the same for other investments such as oil, but because commodities are traded in paper, expect to be paid in paper.  This is the fundamental reason silver will be the best investment of the next decade.  You will be holding your best investment.  Unless you don't, and a bank stores it in vault.

Banks will want precious metals like no other asset very soon.  The PMs are highly valuable assets for banks to loan against.  They act as amazing credit.  Interest will attract precious metal loans.

I would never recommend using a bank.  Banks are thieves in trade.  Usury was spoke against in all sacred texts.  I would hold one's own.

Of course the reason silver will be $500 per ounce very soon is not only because precious metals are the best store of value, but because demand is increasing rapidly as supply decreases.  Supply is decreasing because there is a run on bullion.  People are investing in silver at a breaking speed.  This is putting a squeeze on the amount that is available for industrial use (medical equipment et al), photography, and jewelry.  Once production peaks, watch out!

Gold production peaked at the latest by '01, and platinum peak production was last year (at least less was mined last year than the previous in platinum's case).  Silver has been mined as a resource for thousands of years, and I expect it to peak production soon.

One last thing to consider is oil's production.  If oil's EROEI (energy return on energy invested) falls significantly from where it is currently, it will become more expensive to mine silver, and all things.  Once oil production peaks, then these metals will find themselves sold only to the highest bidder.

Once this is done, then monie has returned to the individual, and monie can no longer be manipulated.  Holding one's own resources is the only way to protect oneself from mistakes made by others.  Do not subject monie to the torture of the banks.  Buy and hold your own silver.

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