Friday, June 29, 2012

Gold Certificates

The European Banking Saga has to do with two things that are very interconnected.  Those two things are - 1) The sovereignty of the States and 2) the gold reserves of the States.  These two are connected because the gold is the money supply, and without it, the States would be broke and at the will of any bank that has gold. 

This is not necessarily true.  Money is not needed to achieve given rights and abilities.  There is likely a parallel universe where no one cares about gold and silver and everyone works for the benefit of society.  But here, now, money is important to the people of earth.  We spend 40, maybe 50 hours a week at jobs doing things to create enough wealth to meet our goals.  It may seem silly from afar, but this is what we do.

The wealth that people have is often stored in a cashe.  Most people have chosen to keep their hoard in the form of stock cerificates, bonds, and cash.  People also enjoy having deeds on structured land.  Not many people own gold anymore, but there is one entity that does - the Central Banks.

It is the greatest misnomer in finance and economics right now:  that we are no longer on a gold standard.  The Central Banks of the world use gold as collateral for their loans; the use it to balance their liabilities by spinning it from a reserve to an asset.  Gold very much backs the financial system, thus why it increases in price while fiat is printed.

The gold is held as a certificate at the Central Banks, essentially on loan from their Treasuries, who have the gold held at Forts like the Citedel and Knox.  The custodians have not been audited for decades, by the way.  The certificates may one day leave the hands of the Central Banks, but for now, the Banks act as the owner of the reserves.

Europe's case is similar, as to join the Euro reserves were pledged as collateral.  As the banking crisis worsens, it is my thought that the European Central Bank is asking for more and more gold in exchange for all of these bailouts.  This way they have something to balance their books. 

One must ask, 'Is this crisis purposeful?'  Was this crisis started with intent?  This could be the case.  It may be that The Central Banks, hoping to create a New World Order, have suckered in the States of the world to give up their gold.  If the States give up their gold they have given up their money supply.  If they have done this, the States have ultimately given up their power to govern themselves as sovereigns, because they will become reliant on the Central Banks for all things 'money'.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Helicopter Ben

Stories are allegories. The purpose is to paint a picture; to give a narrative; to show someone what happened or what will happen through a lens that can be understood by each person. This is an artful way of making a point. In Ben Bernanke's case, when it comes to the policy he sets, he does just that.

Around a decade ago, Bernanke gave his now infamous "Helicopter Speech" where he alluded to throwing money from helicopters. What everyone has recognized is that he is throu¥wing money. What many have missed is the fact that he said he would do it from helicopters. Why not a plane? Why did he choose a helicopter?

The monied elite have certain codes they use. They think it gives them power. They think it gives them power to tell the world their plans because if the people of the world allow it then the people are not to blame; just as the case of a vampire being asked in, if you hear what their plan is, and you do not challenge it, you have allowed it, and the blame rests on you for being complacent.

The word helicopter was used because Bernanke insinuated that he would keep the economy in a holding pattern while the plans were laid. Like a helicopter, stocks, bonds, and fiat would hover at certain prices, elevated high enough to keep the status quo, but not too low to crash. He would stay in this holding pattern where he would throw his dollars around. This is the code that he gave you, and this is what he is doing.

Bernanke is making his helicopter hover by issuing just enough debt, and although oil and precious metals and some commodities have risen, pensions and other programs have risen too because he has kept stocks up. Bonds are not returning much but because they are going for a premium it is keeping the market liquid. Since fiat is valued against other fiat it is hard to tell that all fiat has been losing value, which is why pricing it in gold is inportant. Yet since most do not price it in gold and price it in Euros or other fiat, the dollar also remains high.

It may seem perplexing that the dollar has kept value through a time of massive debt, but the price (P*) is measured by the supply multiplied by the volacity. The price would fall if both the supply and the volacity were high, but since corporations, such as private and Central Banks have been sitting on cash, the dollars are not moving. This is why the dollars price (P*) has remained elevated, and also how Bernanke is able to remained hovered above the world, spilling more and more cash from above - because the percieved price of the dollar is held constant due to his alchemist powers of creating money and keeping prices high.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here Comes July

Is the whole system going to collapse next month into a pile of burning rubble?  Probably not.  But July  has some very scary problems to deal with, and if there is one thing the politicians can't do it is solve problems.

Europe will have the largest debt roll of the year, and this being a year of massive debt, it is likely their largest ever.  The US is headed for another debt debacle, what pundits are calling the Fiscal Cliff.  On top of these problems the "First World" will dig their hole deeper by flexing on Iran and cutting their oil supply.  All Sovereign Nation-States are broke because they were taken over by Central Banks in the name of the science of economics which dictates to spend fiat cash at the behest of growth.  The growth was always unsustainable because resources are finite and the price rises when supply drops.  The cliff is different from any fiscal cliff, but it is a cliff none the less.

In the face of the turmoil lies precious metal.  Banks hold gold to balance their books.  Silver, which has similar properties to gold, is an industrial juggernaut.  Same with platinum.  These minerals define money, and the banking class understand this.  They will likely be the only asset to benefit from here on out.  This is all why I think there is a big price swing to the upside for PMs in July.  Look for gold to move back to 1800 by the end of the month.  The move will not stop there, and likely continue from here on out, as there are no solutions other than to let that which lies in bank vaults all over the world revalue to stop what indeed would be a massive impolsion of the financial system.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Long June

I have written a long April, A long May, and now this; there will not be another in the series.  Even if July begins and it looks to me July will not see the break I have anticipated since late March, I will not undo the triliogy.  There are a few reasons why I have written that the break will happen in July.

The first is the European debt roll in July.  I haven't seen the numbers lately, but I know that almost all major European States have to roll an amazing large amount of debt next month.  I think it is almost all of them; there may be one that doesn't. 

The debt roll is the largest ever for the span of one month for Europe.  The next issue is the chart, which is something that guys like Turd Ferguson have been made famous for.  So if you want this guy's opinion (me), then look at the chart, and tell me we are not poised for a breakout in July.

Part of me wants to post charts where I draw lines through them, but another wants you to draw your own lines, while I tell you what I see.  This is what I have done on this blog for over a year, and this is what I will continue to do.  So, look at a chart of gold over the last year.  Look for the inverse head and shoulders formation it has made.  Consider that the left shoulder can run longer (time) and lower (price).  I will remind you we saw, or are in, the shadow, and tell me that we will not see a breakout soon.  July?  August?  Fine - time is hard to figure, but knowing the European debt roll is the largest ever in July, I think next month will be the month that precious metals explode, and that we likely see the largest move in all markets ever.

One more thing, since I am learned when it comes to the occult.  The Bohemians, those that meet in the redwood grove in Northern California during July, have a line from their ceremony "The Cremation of Care" the refer to their place as being, "Safe in their grove".  This could seem mundane, as they are in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, yet I think there is something else meant.  As I do believe there is a plan from the 'elite', the self named 'Illuminatti', I think that they will be in their sacred place when the shit hits the fan.  I have said that I think there could be another year before the Fiat Ponzi crashes, but as things are speeing up, it could be this July that we see a collapse of finance.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

For a Few Trillion More

"So what?  If rates raise then the deficit will increase $100B....  A few trillion dollars here, a few trillion there, so what?"

The above is two direct quotes combined.  He made the statement after he was asked what happens after rates rise.  This is a great example of economics today.  So what if we owe a few trillion dollars more in the future?  So what if the price of gold goes up.  So what?

This is indicative of  an economist.  In fact I had the same conversation with an economic professor 2 years ago.  I was discussing monetry policy as dictated by her, and by Keynes, and every economic professor who taught at the University.  I said gold would go up if we issued debt at no interest.  She said, "So what?"  I said that gold directly trading in a 1:1 ratio with oil, because oil trades with other resources inverse the dollar.  She said, "So what?" I said that high oil prices decrease GDP and that it would increase the price fo food, further decreasing GDP.  She sat stone cold for one minute and I am not exagerating.  She sat there for one minute.  Finally she said she didn't know how to respond.

So we know that these economists, these Drs. of science, haven't thought it all the way through.  The are not away of the consequences.  This is because there has never been a time when American could not repay its debt.  In 1970 it got close, but because Nixon closed the gold window, the debt could be repaid in fiat.

Yet now it is a different time.  One where GDP is edging closer to 0%.  This will be a turning point, and no amount of fiat can save it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Silver Movement

It began because I had just read The Wizard of Oz and realized the allegories:  The Green Hot air balloon was the dollar, and how the Central Bnks will inflate away their problems; the path of gold was walked on silver slippers.  And that was it.  I realized that the wizards were going to fly away by their fiat greenback, while the people, if they thought to, could walk the yellow brick road in silver slippers and make it home.

That was February of '10 that I began to write 'Buy Silver'.  And the exact reason was that I thought if the system would fail like I thought, then gold may be confiscated, but not silver, and silver defines the term 'money' just as gold, therefore we the people would be best off buying silver.  This is exactly what Gerald Celente has said he is doing as of a few months ago.

Then I began to learn about finance and how the exchanges work.  I was reading Zero Hedge and listening to Max Keiser everyday.  As a silver bull, I already knew that by buying it we could take back the money supply, but then I learned about naked shorts, and shorting in general; then I learned that JPM was naked short silver.  I had already learned about supply and demand as a student at a major university studying economics, and knew how the price action moved.  That was when I came up with the 'Buy Silver - Crash JPM' Movement.

Buying silver puts sound money in the peoples pockets; score one for the people.  Then because JPM and other Major Banking Houses are short silver, and naked, then they would need to come up with the collateral if their shorts were blown out; they would need to deliver the bullion.  So if there was no bullion to deliver, it would put a squeeze on the price like none other.

At the same time, industrial demand is high, and supply may be falling.  Everything is in favor for a squeeze on price.  This is why it is very possible that if we move on the bullion we could squeeze JPM out of their short positions, and thus crash their balance sheet.  Yet it doesn't end there, it only begins.

In November of '10 Keiser decided to use the Buy Silver Movement.  Interviewed on the Alex Jones Show he admitted he had heard about the Movement from Mike Krieger who said it had been started 'On Zero Hedge'.  Keiser may have had his ego put in a boot since then though, as he often refers to it as 'his idea'.  His idea is simplistic though, as the movement never ended with just crashing JPM.  No, it ended with crashing the dollar, and I will now explain the final way that buying silver would end the Fiat Ponzi as we know it.

Everyone knows the dollar is the reserve currency, and that it is also known as the petrodollar as it trades in an inverse relationship with oil (as it trades for oil), which is known as the lifeblood of the economy.  Oil trades at a one to one relationship with silver; the prices move together on a long term chart. Historically the ratio it trades at is 3:1 for an ounce to a barrel.  So now we have established the Aristolian logic that the dollar trades inversely with silver.  Therefore, if the price of silver rises, then the dollar falls.

This fall of the dollar would destabolize the Military Industrial Complex, because the MIC does not have anything that backs it besides the dollar.  It has technolgy, but that technology needs upkeep.  It has personel, but that takes wages.  It needs oil, and the US government does not have enough oil to provide transport and the military it currently has.  It relies on the reserve currency status.

If the dollar failed, it would end the fascist United States government.  And, and at the same time, the people of the world would have put something of value in their pocket:  MONEY.  Silver is money because the definition of money, besides being fungible and a medium of exchange, is that it must maintain its value.  Value as in price can fluctuate, but value in terms of its intrinsic value means it keeps its complexity.  Precious metal has a half life of 500,000 years.  It has the longest half life of anything.  Then we can discusss finite supply, and its technological value, but this does not make it money.  It is money because it keeps its molecular structure.

This crashing of the Banking Houses, and of the dollar and thus the Military Industrial Complex, and putting money in the pocket of the people, is the movement.  Some of this was lost along the way.  It will be important for us, those that understand the movement, to put it back in perspective, so we can have our movement realized, so we can take our money back, and thus take our rights back.