Sunday, March 20, 2011


Madness has crept upon the sleeping and turned the tables severely.  We are all mad, shown creatively or not.  People have shunned this.  Now they will learn how to accept it.

Japan will soon be deserted.  One of the world's busiest and most important hubs is only just downwind from one of the worst nuclear disasters ever.  It will be a ghost town.  Massive deflation will hit the Japanese industry.  The trickle of people moving now will turn into a rush of tens of millions.  Many will never visit their homeland of Japan again.

A foremost nuclear disaster expert, Chris Busby, said, "Northern Japan is no longer habitable."  The investigative journalist Greg Palast said, "One hundred thousand people will die in direct consequence of this disaster."  His number might be small if action is not taken soon to help the Japanese people leave.

Japan may have been inhabited by people for 500,000 years.  It is sad that it will be abandoned like a sinking ship.  Its culture has brought great wisdom over the millennia.  It will stay intact, if only elsewhere.

Japanese will move to America, Europe, Australia, and China not to mention choice other places.  They will fill the depleted houses.  They will buy new clothes and cars.  They will be thought to reignite the bubbles, but only however long the Yen remains on life support.

Knowing that the Yen is on its death bed, I am sure it would want to be given its sword.  If it was a cognisant being.  It is not however, and the people of the world will try to keep it afloat.  As people we should be helping the people of the State of Japan, instead of focusing on the currencie benefit.  Yet the financiers focus on how to benefit from a crisis, and so they will go about this epic one with due vigilance to save the fiat.  Have we offered to fly everyone out of Japan?  Sail out of Japan?  No, but the US military fled the bases.  If our culture and its government is altruistic, then why has the only focus been the G 7 saving the Yen?

Altruism is being applied by a financial system based on fascism and falsehood.  The dollar, as the reserve, is worthless, because it trades for paper.  Its little bro Yen is just the same.  These things are not real.  So why are is the government acting altruistically on its behalf, but not o the behalf of the people?

The oilgarchs only think about money, and so thoughts of panic and problem solving has been relegated.  Cui bono?  Over and over.

Alaska is also under the radiation cloud.  The scenic and wild Alaska I am afraid is no more.  The benefit to this crisis will be that digging for oil will not harm the environment, because soon there will be none.

There will be panic.  Real panic.  As people die before one another, the bomb will remind like a sliver in the mind.  Northern Japan is uninhabitable.  Hundreds of thousands will die.  And this is not the only war being fought.

North Africa is a mess of Vietnam proportions.  The red, white, and blue coalition is out to put their foot in the door of Africa.  The State will be saved, and preserved.

The US is now fighting three wars.  The UN agreement was not unilateral across the world.  Many States have problems with attacking others preemptive, but there is no way to go back to the bargaining table; it has begun.

Unless a divine madness takes hold of all at once, the real madness we all feel everyday when we wake up, wonder about the way, and contemplate heaven will not be very applicable.  Well, who am I to judge.  Maybe this is how we all find happiness.


  1. Such sobering thoughts...

    This whole catastrophe has reminded me of a pen pal from Japan that I had back in the mid-sixties.
    We wrote for quite awhile. I still have the little kimono-clad doll that my pen pal sent me.

    Her father had survived the bombing of Hiroshima.
    While we were corresponding, he became sick and ultimately passed away.
    I never heard from my pen pal again. I often wondered if she felt that she just didn't want to write to me anymore because I was American. Frankly, I couldn't even at that time, as a young kid, blame her if she felt that way.

    And, now again, Japan suffers from nuclear terror.

    I feel so grieved by this...

  2. That is a very touching story, thank you for sharing it.

    The past is such a mix of emotions, providing facts with a moving background.

    The disaster is surreal. It is being taken a thousand different ways. The veiled reality that entertains masks anyone behind. Life does go on, in the shadow or not.

  3. The elite/bourgeoisie/rich will be made to pay. We are preparing to destroy them.

  4. You know what? Revolution won't work. This is it. Prep and pray. Thanx LH

  5. thank you.

    (alaska? proof?)

    in return, i offer my humble work (stable version):

  6. One thing is for sure. The predators-that-be lie from the moment they awake to the moment they fall asleep. And I'm sure they lie in their dreams too. Time to eliminate all:

    predators DBA government
    predators DBA corporations
    predators DBA central banks