Friday, April 22, 2011

Swan Lake: Japan

The Whiteness descended onto Japan in true Black Swan fashion.  Only nature knew what lay in waiting for the poor island of Nippon.  An island steeped in ritual and history, it was to be utterly destroyed in a few blinks of an eye.  Now, it lays in ruins.

Unfortunately because of society the loss has only begun.  Still to see are damages left upon a people who have already dealt with nuclear waste of horror beyond imagination.  This time the carnage will be slow, and may come as a surprise, because the news has been veiled by the self proclaimed superiors, so to keep honor; how backwards is this considering the past principles would have made the culture act within seven breathes.  Now, complacency has eliminated past rites.  Now the end of the culture is at hand.

Industry is done.  Humanity is finished.  The survivors will flee, and with them memories dear.  The land will last forever, but only in a tear.

As the corporations act to cap their losses, both financial and relation wise, the people stew in the toxic heap of their home.  The face saved will only be for the corporations, and it will only be so to keep up with the New World, as they do not want to get behind the ever charging mythos that a flat world is in the benefit for the people.

When the time comes to act, the rest of the world will be rotting in the lie of the fiat ponzi.  No one will be able to help the Japanese situate themselves into any comfort.  Japan will be on their own.  They may sell US treasuries, they may spend their dollar holdings, they may print Yen like never before.  All of these percieved solutions will quicken the death spiral of the fiat ponzi.  There is nothing that will save Japan from the Whiteness.


  1. DoChenRollingBearing says:

    I really feel for the people of Japan who are being screwed and lied to in their hour of desperate need.

    Very nicely written Mr Lennon Hendrix.

  2. This shite has been going on for years now. The Japanese bankster government bastards have lied and sold their people down the drain just so TEPCO can maintain a stable finaincial front and stop a market panic in Japan. The whole fucking place is becoming a no mans land, if you are still there, just leave NOW. fly anywhere and refuse to go back.


    I live in Japan and apart from the odd mention on breakfat programs the earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima or all but forgotten to 95% of the population. Life is completely normal and will continue that way.

    Japan will continue to supply the world with goods, continue to supply itself with nuclear power and continue on as the world's #3 economy.

    Nothing to see here, move along now.

  4. nothing to see here except the endless printing of worthless: yen, dollars, etc....
    ....It's all good until it isn't.

  5. Bullshit....

    I live in Japan and Fukushima Dai-ichi is the lead on every goddamn news program every goddamn day. Of course, it's all kabuki bullshit pablum non-news, but anyway, there it is.

    Which Japan do you live in dude?

  6. Cross posting from ZH.

    DoChenRollingBearing says:
    We are getting product from Japan. There are still inventories of Japanese bearings in their warehouses in Panama and Miami.

    Most Japanese bearings are produced in SW Japan, and so not too affected. Yet. One of Japan's very small bearing manufacturers told us that they are good to go for a few months, but that components like rubber seals could be a problem in coming months.

    Most of what we buy is actually from Korea. Too much competition in Peru re Japanese bearings. So, we are moving to supply the Korean fleets (Daewoo and lately mighty Hyundai). We have been the distributors for the two Korean manufacturers for a couple of years now.

    Why don't we buy American? Because Timken treated us like stink garbage. OK, fine, we'll look elsewhere.

  7. Thanks DoChen, and thanks to everyone. Japan is the place to keep an eye on.