Thursday, May 24, 2012

The ECB Gold

It took gold to become a member of the Euro Zone, and that gold was held at the member bank, the ECB.  A member of the ECB uses the euro.  Once a State defaults on their debt obligations, they will likely not use the euro any longer, and as likely, not get their gold back.  Therefore, the last State in the ECB gets all of the gold.

This may be the reason for the EuroZone.  It may have been invented to sucker in all the States only to have them default due to, basically, sub prime lending.  It is well known that Greece and other member States should not have been approved for admittence.  This would make sense now that we have outlined that Europe's gold will be owned by the strongest member.

Many have long fought for gold.  Was the EZ set up as a way to steal all of the gold in a legally binding way?  I think so.

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