Monday, August 13, 2012

The Furnace

There is a basement in hell which keeps the status quo going.  It is comprised of dorito eating demons who are in charge of such various things as maintaining as many eyeballs on televisions sets as possible, shoveling as much fiat currency in hell's main furnace as possible, and there is a special room for the Artist (Formally Known as Prince) to write as many pop songs as possible.  It is by making sure the masses ignore the "monie" printing that the demons fulfill their objectives of continuing the paradigm of hell across the land.

State of mind is as important as IQ, and so the culture washes the brains of the masses with garbage repeatedly.  This is the ultimate distraction.  All the while it has created "sciences", equally justifiable to the brainless masses, to exhibet the "truths".  These truths consist of such filth as the "rational consumer theory" and "fiat monie principle".  So while all eyes are on pop culture, the demons use their lies to set up the biggest con known to history.

Lies create lies, for he who gets away with a lie will live to tell another.  There is no stopping the system of lies now, for the lies have come this far, and there has always been a timetable for an end of the Fiat Ponzi (devised near the furnace in hell by JP Morgan and JD Rockefeller).  When was it originally thought to end?  2012?  2020?  We have numbers now to determine such a time, and considering every resource from iron to oil appears to have peaked we can conclude that it will be a short order until prices of real goods sky rocket.  This while people are told they will act rationally in good times, and do the same in bad.  This while the masses base the wealth aggregate on how much debt is accumulated.  This while people turn their brains to mush for an average of eight hours per day.

So while the world turns the demons shovel fiat currencie into the furnace in hell to power the system, and we are told this is what will keep the earth turning, not knowing that it is not earth that is propped up by the demons efforts, but hell itself.

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