Thursday, June 2, 2011

In plain View

What do the Fed's book, Turkish Pyramids, and cell phones have in common?  Information has been abundant about all three for many a year.  Cell phones cause cancer, and this fact has been published for decades.  The temples in Turkey were built bigger and before Egypt', and this has been known for some time.  The Fed's book has many layers, some of which are loans to other Central Banks, and this is quite common knowledge.  So why is the news cycle acting like these facts have recently been broken?

Propaganda works in mysteries was.  One is to hit the propagandee with so much news that it overwhelms them.  It is hard to father the scope of the Turkish temples.  It is hard to believe that the device held against your head everyday for years heats up your brain.  And it is hard to believe that The Federal Reserve has played both sides of the economic system.

The Turkish temples were built over ten thousand years ago.  The builders realized that the monuments would not stand the test of time so they buried them (which is quite a feat on its own).  The pyramids are larger than those in Gaza.  This shows that humanity had great knowledge and understanding long before the current mainstream media showed.

Cell phones heat up the brain like a microwave.  It is a killer device.  The debate over what level of danger is implied has not been debated except to play better or worse scenarios.  For example, the debate was that certain phones only did minimal damage.  The news was brushed off.  Yet now the news is front and center.

The Federal Reserve made loans to such central banks as Libya's, which has now had those assets frozen.  The Fed made interest off of the loan and then stole it back.  The Fed also loaned vaste sums of money across the globe, and not only to central banks but to corporations.  All of this money was issued as debt with taxpayers as the debtor.

Another loan they have made is leasing their gold; the very gold they stole from the American people in 1933.  They have the gold leased on leverage to many countries.  This is on their book.  Yes they have a book, and it is a snapshot of their entire scheme.  Gold is not only their chief asset of their loans, but really there only hard asset.  Leasing it allows them to make revenue on interest, yet the money is not enough; the Fed must bail themselves and their proxy banks over and over again.  This has created the instability that is running the economy into the world, because they have loaned out all their assets, but still try to use higher and higher leverage by printing money and issuing debt.

The reason all this common knowledge is said to be news is only to crush and overwhelm the populace.  The message is clear, 'You have had a chance to not have cancer, you could have understood humanity has had its current level of intelligence for tens of thousands of years, and yes, the Fed has absolute power over the financial system'.  If the population can be overwhelmed, they will accept their given fate; that is the rational of the power hungry oilgarchs that have hijacked society and its culture.

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