Saturday, June 25, 2011

Swan Lake: Complacency

Complacency has become the standard operating procedure of the American, Japanese, and European cultures.  The people argue their opinions over sports and other entertainment, and spend time focusing on their own lives instead of the larger societal good.  Vices like Facebook draw people in only to make them judge everyone around them without touch and feel of humanity.  It has become a lonely planet for most who embellish the new complacent persona.

There is only "me" and "they" now, no collective idea of the group.  It has been a long time coming, but now it has firmly established itself as the way to live.  Evidence in Fukashima, where the Japanese population wallows in radioactive filth three months after the disaster.  Evidence in the letting of American wealth by the hands of a blood thirsty US government who continues to drain resources at home to furnish wars abroad.  Evidence in Europe where people are demanding their purses without noting that Africa, which is a stone's throw away, is starving, and because of NATO's war, dying a gruesome way at the hands of the former.

It is this physiological problem, that of need and want by the individual over the collective, that has created a vacuum from where discussion and dialogue was supposed to come.  When gathering at Fourth of July parties, high oil prices will be discussed, yet shrugged off before anyone can understand it is their own greedy nature that is causing them.  The self serving complacent behavior of people has gotten the world where it is today:  on the edge of a deep abyss.  It will mean for the collective to wake up before it falls over to decline, but it works against itself, and that means that they outcome will most likely parallel the past motion.  The destruction is likely to occur before any progress is made.


  1. So, in your opinion, when do you expect the next round of quantitative easing; any guesses as to what form it will take and how large it will be? In the mean time, do you expect any rate increases in interest or is that for sure a no? $7/gallon of petro soon?


  2. Gold

    Looking at the daily chart of GC, prices appear headed south in a nice channel (first chart below). A closer look (second chart) reveals a bullish Gartley Pattern (in gold) and a Wolfe Wave targeting around 1600. Caution gold Bears!