Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just a Taste

Many Americans have had a taste of the good life now.  Many have flown, many have had a well paying job, many have experienced the life of luxury.  Now that is about to end.

Once the dollar loses its status as the reserve currencie the little things that Americans have enjoyed will go the way side.  The rest of the world is not making it easy for the dollar.  The Swiss have joined the Euro; yes, that is what happened today.  The BRICs have aligned against the Super Power.  No one is rooting for America, maybe not America itself.

Apparently America is very masochistic.  it was obvious it was sadistic by its insane war mongering, but now it has taken a turn into absolute complacency, and it shows no concern.  The problem is that everyone is focused on the men and women running the system, when the system itself is the problem.

Society is too self involved.  Everyone that has money is too concerned about keeping it.  Sharing is not in the mindset of the status quo.  Taking time away from a busy day to spend for the future's concern is too caring.  Caring is not cool.  People no longer care about their brothers and sisters.

Where are the hippies who pride themselves with sticking up for the common man?  Where are the Tea Partiers who understand, or rather, who understood, the main problem with the financial system is that the income tax is unconstitutional?  Where is everyone?

They are in their houses, these houses that have ended up owning them.  They are in the bars, reaching for the stars of the flag.  People have lost their foresight, and the turn has happened.  Society has lost its fabric, and the strings are unraveling right before our eyes.


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on The Pan Asian Gold Exchange; is it a serious threat to the COMEX?
    Any thoughts?


  2. Lennon could you give some opinion on silver please

  3. Hello,

    The first thing is that any intermediatery is just that, a middle man. No middle man could ever hold true to the market. WHat if supply dropped dramatically? Then they would sell stock that they do not have. What if demand increased dramatically? The same result would happen. There is no such thing as physically delivery on these markets.

    What is the implication? Longated market manipulation. What else is there until the people demand their monie?

    Silver: Good question. Silver has about a year or two before the production peaks. There is a lot at play. But if people CONTINUE to squeeeze the bullion the supply could begin to dictate the price. Silver IS gold, essentially. So a squezze on silver could mean a squeeze on the market. And, if you didn't know, a squeeze on silver could mean a short on the dollar, and the military industrial complex with it.