Sunday, October 2, 2011

Occupy Walled Street

The Walled Street has a dubious nature to say the least.  It first came about as a trading post during colonial times.  It then became a fortress of sorts during the revolutionary war, when a wall was built around it to protect the goods.  Over the years it has become a part of the common tongue; known for its better or worst parts, the Walled Street trading post has established itself as one of the most prominent fixtures in human history.

Today this street lies in the middle of turmoil, with people protesting whom are not employed and most important not benefiting from the trading that goes on behind it.  This is a trend that began from afar, for America is the last to adopt the protest scene.  Yet this trend may end with America, as now the whole world has risen in unison to take part in the freedom we know we have.

Media has been borne anew with the death of the corporate ones.  Now people use their own devices to spread the word.  It took time but the resistance has bloomed.  This revolution will not be televised, and it will be interesting to see how long it lasts, and how serious it becomes. 

The status quo is being tested, and the power hungry have few options to quell it.  Police violence will turn the cameras on, and when the world sees that the police which are supposed to serve and protect still take the side of the corporations, it will press against the system harder.  Walled Street has few options to stop the revolution.

One thing to watch for will be to see if Walled Street, at the hand of the Chairman of their Federal Reserve, lets the dollar loose so to raise stock prices.  Bernanke is often criticized for his reliance on stock prices, but this is what the world knows and understands.  Pensions and other investments that the common rely on is the market, and if it is doing well they sleep better.  Bernanke can easily let the dollar depreciate, he is back doing POMOs and he is keeping rates low, and if he does it could well be to quell the uprising.

This will only work in the short term however, because it will increase the price of oil, and it won't take people long to realize that just because their stocks have gone up does not mean they have more wealth in real terms.  But, this is Walled Streets only option.

So look for the dollar to fall.  Hopefully the masses will not buy any nominal gains in stocks and keep the press on the banks.  This movement, 'Occupy Walled Street', could be the straw that breaks the back of the fiat ponzi system.

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  1. did a little research. turns out OWS is actually being ran by ACORN and SEIU. obama's lackies.