Monday, October 3, 2011

Where's Bernanke?

The market has been getting pummelled and I have to ask how it is that the President's Working Group on Financial Markets has not come in to support markets, like their mandate states?  I also wonder how it was that the east has been getting the West lower at the open of East trading every time?  So far, the best price to be had on silver came during Asian trading.  Who is in control of this market, and why is Bernanke gun shy?

Could China and other Eastern countries be holding the fiat ponzi hostage?  If Bernanke increased lending would the dollar be dumped?  There is something very big brewing over seas, and apparently Bernanke is at the whim of these motives.  I think something very big is about to happen; it could be a European Explosion, or the dumping of the dollar, but the technical patterns are all running haywire, and with this full capitulation of the system one must wonder, when will the time be up on the fiat ponzi?

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