Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Silver Movement

It began because I had just read The Wizard of Oz and realized the allegories:  The Green Hot air balloon was the dollar, and how the Central Bnks will inflate away their problems; the path of gold was walked on silver slippers.  And that was it.  I realized that the wizards were going to fly away by their fiat greenback, while the people, if they thought to, could walk the yellow brick road in silver slippers and make it home.

That was February of '10 that I began to write 'Buy Silver'.  And the exact reason was that I thought if the system would fail like I thought, then gold may be confiscated, but not silver, and silver defines the term 'money' just as gold, therefore we the people would be best off buying silver.  This is exactly what Gerald Celente has said he is doing as of a few months ago.

Then I began to learn about finance and how the exchanges work.  I was reading Zero Hedge and listening to Max Keiser everyday.  As a silver bull, I already knew that by buying it we could take back the money supply, but then I learned about naked shorts, and shorting in general; then I learned that JPM was naked short silver.  I had already learned about supply and demand as a student at a major university studying economics, and knew how the price action moved.  That was when I came up with the 'Buy Silver - Crash JPM' Movement.

Buying silver puts sound money in the peoples pockets; score one for the people.  Then because JPM and other Major Banking Houses are short silver, and naked, then they would need to come up with the collateral if their shorts were blown out; they would need to deliver the bullion.  So if there was no bullion to deliver, it would put a squeeze on the price like none other.

At the same time, industrial demand is high, and supply may be falling.  Everything is in favor for a squeeze on price.  This is why it is very possible that if we move on the bullion we could squeeze JPM out of their short positions, and thus crash their balance sheet.  Yet it doesn't end there, it only begins.

In November of '10 Keiser decided to use the Buy Silver Movement.  Interviewed on the Alex Jones Show he admitted he had heard about the Movement from Mike Krieger who said it had been started 'On Zero Hedge'.  Keiser may have had his ego put in a boot since then though, as he often refers to it as 'his idea'.  His idea is simplistic though, as the movement never ended with just crashing JPM.  No, it ended with crashing the dollar, and I will now explain the final way that buying silver would end the Fiat Ponzi as we know it.

Everyone knows the dollar is the reserve currency, and that it is also known as the petrodollar as it trades in an inverse relationship with oil (as it trades for oil), which is known as the lifeblood of the economy.  Oil trades at a one to one relationship with silver; the prices move together on a long term chart. Historically the ratio it trades at is 3:1 for an ounce to a barrel.  So now we have established the Aristolian logic that the dollar trades inversely with silver.  Therefore, if the price of silver rises, then the dollar falls.

This fall of the dollar would destabolize the Military Industrial Complex, because the MIC does not have anything that backs it besides the dollar.  It has technolgy, but that technology needs upkeep.  It has personel, but that takes wages.  It needs oil, and the US government does not have enough oil to provide transport and the military it currently has.  It relies on the reserve currency status.

If the dollar failed, it would end the fascist United States government.  And, and at the same time, the people of the world would have put something of value in their pocket:  MONEY.  Silver is money because the definition of money, besides being fungible and a medium of exchange, is that it must maintain its value.  Value as in price can fluctuate, but value in terms of its intrinsic value means it keeps its complexity.  Precious metal has a half life of 500,000 years.  It has the longest half life of anything.  Then we can discusss finite supply, and its technological value, but this does not make it money.  It is money because it keeps its molecular structure.

This crashing of the Banking Houses, and of the dollar and thus the Military Industrial Complex, and putting money in the pocket of the people, is the movement.  Some of this was lost along the way.  It will be important for us, those that understand the movement, to put it back in perspective, so we can have our movement realized, so we can take our money back, and thus take our rights back.


  1. This is good as a first draft. You need spellcheck. The ending just sort of farts and that's it. You need to develop the ending more.

    You are saying: I INVENTED THE PIANO KEY NECKTIE. Why should I care? Bring me into the fold and make me want to love you.

  2. Buy Silver, Bankrupt JPM!

    It's working!!! We <3 LH!

  3. No worries MrLH, one day soon we will see gold and silver open up double from where they are now. People will stare with their mouths open and say, "is that price correct". Only then will people come to understand how wrong they were, and still are, on PM's.

    Keep up the good fight brother...

    Bay of Pigs

  4. Dude, we need to work on this in the chat. You need to spice it up with sex and violence. It will just not fly in its current incarnation.