Monday, June 11, 2012

A Long June

I have written a long April, A long May, and now this; there will not be another in the series.  Even if July begins and it looks to me July will not see the break I have anticipated since late March, I will not undo the triliogy.  There are a few reasons why I have written that the break will happen in July.

The first is the European debt roll in July.  I haven't seen the numbers lately, but I know that almost all major European States have to roll an amazing large amount of debt next month.  I think it is almost all of them; there may be one that doesn't. 

The debt roll is the largest ever for the span of one month for Europe.  The next issue is the chart, which is something that guys like Turd Ferguson have been made famous for.  So if you want this guy's opinion (me), then look at the chart, and tell me we are not poised for a breakout in July.

Part of me wants to post charts where I draw lines through them, but another wants you to draw your own lines, while I tell you what I see.  This is what I have done on this blog for over a year, and this is what I will continue to do.  So, look at a chart of gold over the last year.  Look for the inverse head and shoulders formation it has made.  Consider that the left shoulder can run longer (time) and lower (price).  I will remind you we saw, or are in, the shadow, and tell me that we will not see a breakout soon.  July?  August?  Fine - time is hard to figure, but knowing the European debt roll is the largest ever in July, I think next month will be the month that precious metals explode, and that we likely see the largest move in all markets ever.

One more thing, since I am learned when it comes to the occult.  The Bohemians, those that meet in the redwood grove in Northern California during July, have a line from their ceremony "The Cremation of Care" the refer to their place as being, "Safe in their grove".  This could seem mundane, as they are in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, yet I think there is something else meant.  As I do believe there is a plan from the 'elite', the self named 'Illuminatti', I think that they will be in their sacred place when the shit hits the fan.  I have said that I think there could be another year before the Fiat Ponzi crashes, but as things are speeing up, it could be this July that we see a collapse of finance.


  1. Occult or otherwise what we are taught in Occult is there are equal and opposite reactions for everything in this universe. As above - so below. So when the tide goes out the so called illuminati will feel the pain it has inflicted. The Michael age is upon us and he is coming back fast. They will feel his white hot metal.

  2. Good Post LH .. I enjoyed reading it , well detailed .