Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Great Wash

FInance has been a clusterfuck for a long time now.  Every year an investment that was a great idea is suddenly the worst and vice versa.  We had the dotcom bubble, then everyone decided to flip houses, and huge sums of money were lost.  Now Americans are scared to make any investment.  They are scared of inflation but don't want to buy stocks because of yearly budget crisis.  They are scared of taxes and so after dividend paying stocks being the go to investment of the last year they are being sold but municipal bonds are in a bubble so don't buy those.  Bonds are in a bubble so don't buy those either.  Dollars aren't earning any interest at the bank so don't put your money there.  Basically there is nothing for people to invest in anymore.

At least that is what the MSM would have you believe.  The pundits and media have scared people because the system was created out of lies and sold to the highest bidders and the cat has been let out of the bag.  But the one thing that is a good investment falls on deaf ears because of conditioning rhetoric.

Precious metals are discussed frequently on this blog so I will assume the reader understands the benefits.  Instead I will use the rhetoric the MSM does.  They don't pay interest, they just sit there and aren't productive, and they are volatile.  Of course these are only some of the reasons to buy.  Buy at an affordable price or make monthly purchases, there is no counter party risk, and what is interest other than a syphoning of funds.

The Central Bank policies and MSM have destroyed investments in a great wash of the last several decades and now Americans run around scared as cats losing their wealth behind every bush.  The great wash will continue and soon the cats will either be broke or finally stop listening to the bells and whistles and make a good investment into real money.

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