Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Never Ending Inflation

Inflation compounds on itself like a bad story.  The opening is bad, the plot points are lackluster, it drivels along, and then at the end the whole story is in shambles.  This is exactly how inflation will read on the pages of history.

The Federal Reserve was a bad idea.  It was ill conceived to believe that a private cartel of bankers could every have the States best interest at hand.  It was ill conceived to think that having a domestic fiat note would work and it was moronic to use fiat as an international standard that replaced money.  This because not only would inflation wreck havoc on the cost of assets but because there would be a turning point when fiat goes up in smoke.

It could be that the point is looming near, or maybe it will be a year before fiat goes up in smoke.  Either way, having a standard backed by nothing other than the promise to pay means there will be an end, and like a bad movie, people will want their money back.

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  1. Hello LH,

    They have been forcing people/countries to accept their clownbux at the point of a gun since the beginning.

    Are you trying to contact me at zh? If so what's up?