Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the Year Action

Recent market action is a harbinger for wicked things to come.  The selloff in precious metals comes on the heel of higher rates and that on the back of QE4Ever.  You wouldn't think this makes sense but as Bernanke follows the Art of War he wants to do the exact opposite of what everyone expects.  Iniatially anyway.

The fact that the Fed will now monetize $85 billion bonds per month will wreck the same havoc as all the other programs before it, but we are reaching end stages and so this time it will be much more evident.  But so it is not evident right away the Working Groups behind the scenes will hold up the levy until the MSM circles onto another dying carcass.  For if the public was made awware that Bernanke's monetary experiment would end the financial system as we know it there would be panic, and the last thing the experiment wants is panic.

So on light trading precious metals may continue to fall.  The worst is likely over but who knows.  The debt debacle will continue until late January at which point either the system continues on the highly leveraged and inflationary path it is on or it all comes crashing down.

Any way this is cut bullion will be the safest road.  Now is as good as any time to buy, for in the months to come, the prices will get higher.

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