Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Good News

Most media outlets and all the political puppets have ignored a negative 4th quarter GDP print and also the fact that jobless claims have stayed near the long running highs.  2012 GDP came in at a paltry 1.5%.  This is at the most hinting at recession.

Yet when did the recession end?  When the Fed began pumping trillions of dollars into the finance sector?  The news cycle is blatently ignoring flashing lights.

So the economy has spun out of control once again, stocks are at highs once again, and everything is fine.  Sound familiar?  It should.  When things are at their worst everything is spun.

I imagine February should see things brew up and a collapse of sorts should come in March.  I don't know if bonds will begin to sell off in earnest, causing rates to rise while stocks....fall?  Maybe stocks rise nominally to inflation since the Fed will continue their large purchase operations.

I do know one thing - precious metals are about to begin their third leg up.  The move should begin in between March and May.  From the charts it looks like silver could trade flat until May but gold looks like it should ramp up before then.  I don't know where the top will be but I do know the next plateau will be at $3k.  We will get there and then maybe something will be done about the Fiat Ponzi the Fed is running.  Maybe not.  Maybe at that point the establishment tries something else stupid.  Who knows.

**Please note, this post was written a couple weeks ago but went to "Drafts" instead of on the board**

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  1. Lennon, as thoughts or guesses as to where we might see platinum hit in the near-term?