Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How? Buy Silver!

How is it that stocks can rise to all time highs and gold and silver trade flat?  How can miners continue to fall?  The banksters are tricky, but they are not clever.  The only way that this can be done is by supressing the paper price of bullion while leveraging equity.  This will not end well for a financial system that has been broken for decades.

It may be that the only thing that can stop the Fiat Ponzi dead in its tracks is a spike in oil prices due to falling production.  It is possible that a squeeze on silver production can happen, but that depends on how much bullion the banks are willing to let go.  As far as I can tell the bullion bank coffers are emptying at an alarming rate.  Maybe COMEX does default.

As far as gold I think that all Nation-States are in on the malarkey.  The bullion is passing West to East so the East will keep playing the game.  The West will be depleted and America and Europe will finally be conquered by the establishment, an establishment consisting of British Royals, European Royals, and other blue blood factions on the Eastern Seaboard.  They have plans to remain above the water.  How they plan on doing that I haven't a clue.

Other than waiting for peak oil production to hit (which is like waiting for paint to dry) our other option is to take enough silver off of the market so that there is an investment/industrial squeeze.  I know that everyone that reads here understands this and likely discusses it with friends.  It is important to keep doing so.  Remember that each person is different and they should be treated so.

There are many tools to use when trying to get someone to invest in silver:  Do they wish to make money?  Silver looks to have great upside due to industrial use in technology and investment demand.  Do they want to end the Fed?  Taking back the silver supply will destroy the dollar because the dollar and silver trade inversely.  Supply/Demand dictate higher prices, and money will be made, and if enough people do this we will take back our freedom from the totalitarian establishment.

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