Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is an unlucky number because that is the day the Templars were destroyed by the Church.  At least that is how history reads.  We could also sumise that the Templars had become as powerful but wanted to stay on the sideline so they faked there death and went underground.  This is most likely, as the Church and the Templars had always been friendly.

In the last post I said it was too quite.  Well right on cue came the downgrades, and on a date no one can forget.  It is symbolic; much of what the Illuminatti does is symbolic.  This is warning sign, and one to us.  It reads, "The 13th is unlucky, but not for the Illuminatti, not for the Knights."

The downgrade is very serious.  It came late, but it came, and now it sets in motion a collapse of Europe of epic proportions.  I imagine yields will spread wider.  I imagine it will be to the benefit for the US markets (bonds and equity).  Yet it strikes a blow in the Fiat Ponzi, and soon what has happened in Europe will come home to the US, as it is the underlying foundation of the said Ponzi, due to the dollar.

I think that things will start out slow, but by February Europe will be in a death spiral.  Then a few weeks later the US will be affected.  Bernanke will issue more QE, and then Iran will blow up.  This will likely happen before March 21st, or will it?

The alternative is that somehow the Ponzi stays together for another year.  I don't know how it does but it could due to central planning.  I can't put it past the policy makers to have a plan that will do this, but at the same time, I am reminded of a Bob Marley song:

Why boasteth yourself

Oh evil man

Playing smart

And not being clever?

Small Axe- Bob Marley

The reason I think of this lyric is because the policy makers, they have done an immaculate job setting this up (this being creating economic chaos), but there are two things I do not think they have totally planned out?  How are the going to pull the chord and unleash the end game, and when will they do it?

Pulling the chord could happen at any time, but QE would need to be unleashed to give the US a financial cushion from the fallout.  How do they know Iran wouldn't start it right now?  My guess is as good as anyone's, but I do have the pieces to the puzzle here.  I will encourage you to think about how we can put it together, in hope that we can spread the word and maybe mitigate disaster.  After all, that is what our community is about.


  1. Great Write up! Dont know if you follow Clif High and his webbots, but he is saying there is a data drop off in Mid March. Basically March flat lines. SHTF??? Quoting the infamous Butthead from Beavis and Butthead "This could be cool"