Sunday, January 1, 2012

PM Predictions

After a lot of thought I wasn't sure if I ever wanted to try to guess price action publicly again.  The first reason is it doesn't matter, and the second reason is it is becoming extremely hard for me to do.  But it is in my nature to chart, and watch the fundamentals, so I will put out some predictions, but tentatively.

So my prediction for the end of 2011 was $3300 gold.  My end of year for 2010 was $1900.  So guess what my end of year for 2012 is?  $3300.

My prediction for 2011 silver was $100.  2010 was $50.  So guess what 2012 is?  $100.

As far as platinum goes it will follow its sister metals.

That is a rough picture and it has to do with the price action.  As it all correlates with fiat, and considering that I do not think fiat has any value, I don't really care about price.  I will be buying silver as much as possible below $30, and I would buy gold at this price if I were you, but the best thing to do is dollar cost average into physical metal until the wheels fall off of the Fiat Ponzi.

Those wheels could come off this year.  Debt/credit has been releveraged due to the FX swaps, the Iran war looms, and the world is still in the middle of the Greatest Depression.  That and PM is monie by definition.  So do as Faber says and be your own banker, and hold physical.

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