Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Collapse

You will see the collapse happen.  People you know who you wouldn't think will say to you, "It is happening, isn't it?"  It will be a visable collapse, like watching a tsunami.  We won't wake up one morning and be living in some Mad Max world.  No, it will happen gradually, and you will watch it happen.

It could only take days, maybe weeks, maybe months.  Most will stare, like deers in headlights, as they have throughout this whole shitwshow, and as it gets worse they will watch, like watching a car crash.  Like watching an oncoming train.  They will not move out of the way.  They will watch.

Everything breaks.  Computers, cars, the body, everything.  Nothing is perfect.  With that we know that there will be times that the death of a thing is not noticable.  Yet there are moments at the end of a life where you can see the end ahead.  There will be a time when everyone will see the collapse as it happens.

You and I have been watching it for awhile.  We have taken action.  We have become skilled in certain ways, stocked up on food and water, and accumulated sound money.  We will continue doing this while the economy, built on hopes, dreams, and lies collapses in front of everyone.  Not everyone will be ready.

But there will be room for most.  People will need to watch the children, and so we will have the elfer people do that.  We will need people to work manual labor, the Drs will have a place, security will be important, cooking, and cleaning, and so on.  Society will be very familiar, for most everything will be the same.  We will even need entertainment.

What will change is the banking system and asset prices.  Some prices are currently too high, and some too low.  Prices will find a better equilibrium due to a real supply and demand, not fixed by Central Banks and their proxy banking houses.  This will all be for the better, so it is important that those of us who are prepared now patiently get ready for roles of leaders, however small, when the change comes.

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  1. And in the end these things come and go as they always have... Life - the very life of life doesnt need banking. Never did. Life moves on. We dont need much to live.