Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Set Up: Corporate Vs. Federate

Whether the economic and thusly the financial system were set up to fail at this point could be a moot topic; the fact is both will fail.  The triggering event could also be discribed as irrelevent, as almost anything could destroy these fragile systems.  Yet to know where we are going, we should look to the past.

The people that set up the system, that payed for it and paved its way, were corporate types.  They were men who wanted to shield their business with corporate personhood.  They had an agenda, and their agenda was to create a system which they would have complete control over.  Every beginning has an end, and so these men likely knew they would need a plan on how to move into their final system.

So what will the trigger point, the Black Swan, be?  Could it be a war in the Middle East?  Could it be a war in the Far East?  Could it be the Libor Scandel?  If anything, all of these problems could break at once, setting in motion the destruction of the economic and financial paradigm that has existed since around the Civil War, when corporations were thought to have equal rights as men do, because the system is built on faulty logic at best, as it is also built on lies and deceit.

There are likely two factions of what some call the power elite, some call the Illuminatti.  There is one faction who wants a Federated Government controlled system.  The other side of the coin wants a corporate controlled system.  So far these two systems have shared power and have done it well according to the New World Order agenda.  But I think that both control systems imagine a New World Order where only one reigns supreme.

We have witnessed a failure of the "government" by way of the Federal Reserve system, but how many people think that this is the truth?  Universities are still teaching Keynesian economics and the Fed Chairman is still seen as saving the economy.  It is the Private Banking Houses that have been taking the blame.  The fact is, both act in cordination.  So is the Central Bank system setting up the Private Banking Houses to be the scapegoats for the coming economic collapse?  Or will the Central Banks be seen as using policy that lacks logic and have the paradigm of economics change to favor capitalism when the corporate banks are ready to rise?

The paradigm shift could go either way.  The faction of corporatists would likely want to see a world where corporations run everything from the money supply to the White House, and I mean they will overtly.  For example, imagine a Presidential election between Phil Knight and Donald Trump, where Nike and Trump Enterprises sponsor the races.  No more Blue Team and Red Team, just corporations running the governments.  Imagine bing paid in stock, where if you so choose you can cash out the stock for credits to use day to day.  The M.O would be to let the corporations take over the operations of the governments because the governments failed at providing, and also because we need the corporations.  We need Nikes on our feet and oil provided by Exxon in our gas tanks.

On the other side we may see the Federal Government Nationalize the corporations.  JPM would become a Federal Bank in a system still controlled, but even more so, by the Federal Reserve system.  There would still be backdoor politics done by the corporate empires but it would be done even more so than today.  If the current system is shadowy, the following policy would be dark as night.

I think that either of these systems is what has been constantly referred to as the "New World Order" by the power structure.  Yet I don't think even they have known which way the cards would lie.  But as everything seems to be speeding up, I think the lines are being drawn for this New World Order, and I won't be surprised if we now see some events that follow the Libor Scandel that put this NWO in place.

The Libor Scandel is interesting because many sources report that Libor has been fudged for decades.  So why now?  Could this be the Black Swan that takes down the financial system, setting up the New Worder Order of finance and economics?

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