Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 13th Silver Bomb

The Buy Silver Movement was an idea in the same general time as the wheel.  When man began to understand the way things worked, industry, time, etc, he took these ideas and ran with them.  So now we continue running.  Now we make the move that will keep our wealth with the people.  That is why I am calling to buy silver on July 13th.

It is to put wealth in the pocket of the people who understand what money is.  It is to destabolize the fiat ponzi.  It is to take down those who short the metal naked.  It is for any reason to thwart the financial system that strangles true investment.

Silver demand has never been higher when it comes to the supply levels, and silver is the weak link in the financial system.  Silver, just like gold, is money, yet Central Banks do not use it as collateral.  Bullion banks do, but they short it too.  Industry has created a massive demand for silver, and at a time when above ground supply has been diminished.  Silver trades with oil on a 1:1 basis, so an investment in silver is like an investment in oil, and since oil is the lifeblood of the economy, buying silver can buy a new heart.

All the while fiat currency depreciates to inflation.  This raises all asset prices.  So considering supply/demand and the true metric of money, which assets will benefit the most?  Silver will, especially considering the room for growth.

There is no counter party risk for precious metal.  It is a perfect investment.  This, and if we the people can take control of the money supply then we will no longer rely on the government to tell us what to do.  We will take back our right to develope our society.  We will take back our right to make the laws.

On July 13th we will demonstrate our thoughts and feelings.  We will make concrete action towards a better tomorrow, by understanding today.  Please join me, and buy silver!

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