Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Next Events

Facebook IPO, European implosion, war with Syria/Iran.  I have been writing about these events for years, and now, in the given order, they are about to happen.  Next month, or the next, who knows, but that is the order, and this is why:  Facebook will juice the already juiced stock market.  It will get the Dow above 14k, and then....Europe implodes.  Oops.  It's all Europes fault!  America was fine!  And then boom!  War!  It's all the Muslims/Jews fault!

There will be some triggers pulled soon.  This is why the Fed has the audacity to target an inflation rate more fake than the unemployment rate - Because there will be something to negate any blown out target.  Think about it this way:  Bernanke targets 2%, and then boom!  Iran closes the strait.  Well the rise in oil's price isn't the Fed's fault!  It's Iran's.

That's all for now, but I think that these three events are important to understand, and also understand how they fall into the overall plan of the policy makers.

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