Sunday, February 19, 2012

Collision Course

The markets are on a collision course with chaotic developments.  Many of the factors are uncontrollable on a long enough timeline - peak oil, peak debt, natural disasters like Fukashima, the sell off of production to other States by corporations and the unemployment disaster.  All of this is coming to a head, and right now.

What can apparently be controlled is the debt, as long as all States of the world agree to kick the can, which I think they will.  I think there is a pseudo-economic war happening.  I think that China, the US, and Europe only have one agenda - can kicking.  If Fukashima was shown to increase cancer rates, and Japan imploded economically, that would be an excuse, or rather a trigger, to kill off the Fiat Ponzi and try to start the New World Order.  If it came down to it, a war with Iran could be the flashpoint, but by no means will the policy makers make Keynesian policy the fall guy.  I thought they would for a long time, but I don't think they will now, because if they do then people may wonder if the people at the top know what they are doing.

Based on the House of Saud's empty promises, and how Europe is epically kicking the can, along with the US lying about every data point out there and China pretending like it isn't rolling over shows that they will go to any length to kick the can.  So now we have to wait for a flash point.

Yet waiting is pathetic, so that is why we take precautions.  I will be preaching to the choir, but silver will be a great means of an exchange.  Gold is the ultimate.  Personally I think a library of paper books is tops on the list.  Food and water are of course number one.

And I don't think society will go into a Mad Max scenario, for long anyway.  I think there will be a few weeks where food and oil are not shipped in.  I think it will take a few months for governments to be restarted on a local level.  But I think we will get it together pretty quickly.  I have no fear of the government because I think they are inept, and I think people will band together.

How long until this happens?  I don't know how it could the Fiat Ponzi can last for longer than another year, but who knows.  I see major turmoil hitting the markets after the Europonzi goes into overdrive starting later this month.  I think the oil markets are already pointing to the turmoil.  I think we hit a turning point later this month and another spiral starts, lasting for many moons.  Where and when this ends, and where the next phase begins, I can't say, but we are on a collision course with inevitable forces, and they are on the horizon.

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