Thursday, February 2, 2012

Technicals Today

I like to look at charts everyday.  Sometimes things stand out short term, sometimes long term.  Sometimes I get nothing from looking at them. 

I have some thoughts about silver.  I think it will test $33 over the next few trading days, and then move to $36.  I think it will be at $36 on February 24th, and on that day, II think it will begin a surge back to $50.  Look for February 24th to be the major turning point for finance.

I think the dollar will follow the opposite trend.  Look for it to move above 80 DXY during the next few days, and promptly reverse.  It will trade inversely gold/silver from here on out I believe.  It will trade inversely oil too.  I think we are about to get caught back into the Long Trend; the next big move will be the third and final stage of the hyperinflation of the dollar.  Once again, look for this turn on February 24th.

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