Friday, March 16, 2012

The Bohemians

As we approach Spring, I can not but think forward to the summer; a time to relax and reap the benefits of a hard labour.  Summer is such because nature lets us have it easy; we can't help but to bask in the limelight.  So it is for all of nature.

Don't think the Illuminati won't recognize this.  In terms of psychology, they are masters at understanding basic behavior.  Yes, there are those of us who bend the trend, but even we fall into a group set, and all are easily manipulated in some way.  The sun, the skin, the bounty - it is a part of the warmth that bestows its generosity come high time.  So it is.

Many moons ago a group of artists, calling themselves Bohemians after the renaissance of Bohemia awhile before, gathered in the redwoods of Northern California.  They were artisans - painters, writers, actors, and all.  They spend every summer from the turn of the 20th century on for a decade in those woods enjoying the great forest.  But somewhere along, they asked for funding for their exploration; they wanted more - cabins, stages, etc.  The funders, monied men from San Fransisco, came and enjoyed themselves.  How could you not; the artists available featured  such people as Jack London.  It was a creme de la creme of finance and art.

Yet this is when the camp was bastardized.  How could it not be?  The monied men began to bring their friends, promising more monie along the way, and some of the artists became their toys.  Some left the camp never to return, one of whom was London.  But in the end, the monied men took over the camp, and the rest is history.

Now these men, who still call themselves Bohemians, bask in the moonlight, worshipping nature in a way only they know.  They pray to owls not in love, but by knowledge of power.  Power in how the planets, and all of nature, move.  So this summer, while they are in their encampment, after Davos and Bilderburg, they will be, as they say, quote, "Safe in Bohemia".  Think about that now, and keep in mind that oil is running up highs in the midst of  the Greatest Depression.

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