Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hyperinflation: Stage Three

I am going to call it now, at the beginning of the move, even though the move could breakdown, but I will also write what I am looking for to confirm the third and final stage of hyperinflation for the dollar.

One year ago, the Dow was looking at breaking 13k.  13 is an important number for the Illuminati, for whatever stupid reason.  For they believe that 13 is lucky for them, and unlucky for us.  So One year ago, I wrote that when the Dow reaches 13k, it will skip right through it to 14k.  I am now looking for that to happen.

And where we are, at about 13,200, is a very important place on the chart.  This is the turning point; either the Dow continues onward in an inflationary gain, or it turns back and heads to 12k.  It will depend on the strength of the dollar, and all fiat, in real terms.  I believe that due to the massive printing of fiat currencie, the final stage of the hyperinflation of the Fiat Ponzi is underway.

It is interesting to me that lately in Asia oil has been up and the Trinity has seen support.  Asia obviously has their priorities straight.  It will be a day when Asia takes the commodity complex higher.  Not sure when that will happen, I will sit and watch as the US does the wolrd's heavy lifting and ping pongs the complex back and forth.

We will know when the Trinity turns up and doesn't look back.  When that happens, we will know it is on.  At that point all goods will continue their price appreciation.  The Dow and equitie can't be leveraged much higher than where it is without gold, which is used as a reserve on the Central Bank balance sheets to balance the debt, gaining momentum.

How have stocks made there move to here?  Many Central Banks are now holding market securities.  They hold them as an asset.  It makes to balance out the liabilities.  Yet gold, which is a reserve, is a much better holding.  It can be lent and fractionally reserved into many assets.  Securities can be rehypothecated, sure, but this is not as secure an investment as holding a gold reserve.  So the next phase will see gold rise, and equitie with it.

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