Monday, March 26, 2012

Operation Bernanke

Bernanke was on the news flapping his beard today that his laser guided policy tools are still sharp.  He has done his best to confuse the rational consumer until now, and he will continue until the end of the Fiat Ponzi.

His credibility lies in the fact that for hundreds of years people have believed anything out of major Universities.  Education can provide a mind with fuel for fire, but it can also subvert thinking.  Economics, which is taught as a science due to its use of math, is a study that is more a theory, but Bernanke has those who are learned at his disposal and makes the believing suspend their curiosity.  He has done this because America has had it easy for so long.

How could America's economy collapse?  The Fed has done a job for one hundred years, and it hasn't collapsed yet, so how could it?  Well, logical fallacies aside, it is being set up to fail, so that those in power can take the crumbs and make a cake.

So Bernanke will continue QE, as will all CBs, and on the system goes...until it doesn't. 

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