Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Waves

Precious metals are getting volatile again, and this is a sign for a big up move coming.  Bernanke obviously leased some of his mentioned gold reserves during yesterday's speech, which quelled demand.  Of course in the long run this will decrease supply which will force the price to pop.  During the speech Bernanke acted like he didn't know anything about the gold market.  True or not his actions make waves.

We saw silver break a key price point of $36 with authority.  After it broke silver went straight to $37.  It took Bernanke's jawboning and the Federal Reserve's gold reserves to bring the price down to where it was days before.  So now that we saw what can happen, and knowing the value of precious metals, we can assume there is a big up move on its way.

Silver may test $34, and gold may test $1680, and whatever lies in store PMs will consolidate for a few days, but in the next week or so, there will be a huge move that takes silver to $42 and gold to $1900.  It will be quick and painless and will be over before most people know it happened.

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