Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interesting Gold Move

Gold just made a surprising move up.  It gapped up and capped yesterday's losses.  This is a first confirmation that it has found a new range.  Now we wait to see if it tests $1585 twice more.  If it tests that number twice and does not fall to its old support range, it may have found support here.  This would be great news, because then we would see a move higher sooner than I thought.

Silver too has made a strong move.  It sold off last night at Sydney's close, but has ramped up towards the middle of its three day range.  I want to see it test $38.50 twice more before I decide that we will not see $37 any time soon though.

Platinum gapped up too, and when the Trinity moves in unison like this, it is indicative of a coming price explosion.  I will want platinum to test $1760 twice more.

I may be changing pitch, and that has to do with the way PMs are charting, but it is also because I have not seen support in the dollar.  This may have to do with oil's price.  Maybe oil's price is now out of the hands of the oilgarchs.  War appears to be at hand with Iran.  A drone was shot down over their nuclear power plant, and the have opened an oil bourse.  There is nothing more bullish for PMs and oil than war, and nothing more bearish for the dollar, because the dollar will be the first weapon used by the "enemy"; it will be dumped accordingly in a show of force.

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