Thursday, July 28, 2011

Soon, the Future

Soon, all debt will be collateralized by the Bank of International Settlements.  Soon they will back a one world currencie put forth by the World Bank and IMF.  Soon all debt will be collateralized.  This is how it will break down.

Gold will be collateralized.  All government debt as bonds held will be rated and collateralized.  All fiat currencie deposits by Central Banks will be rated and collateralized. 

GDP/debt will be put into play upon its "fair" analyzing. 

It is simple really, the world will be audited, and judged accordingly, and then each country will be given specific rates on their loans.  It will be similar to how the IMF rolls in on a 3rd world nation and asks them to repay their loans with collateral of such and such.  This time it will be the world at once.  This has been the plan all along.  A one world take over.

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