Sunday, July 3, 2011

The War on Peak Oil

Barrack Obama declared war on peak oil when he released the US' strategic petroleum reserves.  He showed that the cards dictated he move his chips all in to bluff the market, or he verbally surrenders political policy that there is a coming oil crisis that can not be mitigated.  He chose the former, and if there is a market that can not be bluffed, it is that of oil.

The US release was not equal to half a day's consumption considering world demand.  The total release, 60 million barrels, was still short of one day's consumption.  This did little to mitigate the supply problem that concerns the oil market in terms of rising demand.

Now that the US is using its reserves it has left open the possibility that a world supply crunch will leave America vulnerable.  There will be no mitigating the market if the Middle East decides to not import (as much) oil to the US.  The US has left its fate up to the whim of the oil producing nations.  This may be a fatal mistake for the Empire that almost was.

As soon as the US won the cold war, the country over shot and spent its excess wealth destabilizing emerging countries.  Now these countries and the population of the world, is sick of US foreign policy.  The dollar is seen as a way to destabilize the fascist US.  Unfortunately for the former Republic, the people of America will lose out, while the corporations hold sway.  A rising oil price will generate more revenue for big oil.  Because America has been taught that Nationalizing corporations is socialist, they fail to see the upside.  The hands of big oil will stay firm on the production of the lifeblood of the economy.

More would need to be done than just to nationalize oil production, because the oilgarchs could find a way to benefit.  More than anything people need to express themselves and become involved in finance.  People need to take a more hands on approach.  Due to oil needing to be weighted by precious metal, all that people need to due is invest in this asset class.  This asset class controls all of finance, because it is gold that works to balance out Central Bank loans, and it is silver that is as industrial as oil.  Since oil and silver trade one to one, an investment in silver is an investment in oil .  Since oil trades inversely with the dollar, an investment  in silver is an investment away from the fascist fiat ponzi system.  This is how the war can be won:  Buy silver.

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