Thursday, July 14, 2011

QE, or No QE

Bernanke sank hopes of unlimited free money today, but he did so to confuse those he calls "rational consumers".  He says the markets are forward looking, and he wants to create as much instability as possible, this so his proxie banks can loot the economy to bits.  The more volatility, the more money for the Algo Machines from Hell to make.  His main goal is to loot the world, and leave his Masters holding the purse.

The markets will stay int the range I have outlined.  Bonds will rise a little, the Dow will move to around 12k.  Gold will test support at $1540.  Silver will test $35.  Platinum will move down slightly.  Oil has gotten a head of the trend, and has dropped to around its support already.  It may test $94.  The DXY will continue to fluctuate to almost 77.  The EUR/USD will test $1.38.

Then, in a few weeks, when the debt ceiling is passed, Bernanke will say, "To keep the recovery on track...." and he will usher QE 3 in the door.  It will create massive inflation, but it will give the proxie banks one more chance to carpet bag the world.

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  1. They are pure evil - I so agree: loot the world, scape goat the blame... usher in the new world order to 'save' us from ...them. (!?)

    Makes me wanna hurl!

    Thanks LH you are a beacon of truth and sanity in an insane world - Keep up the great work!!!