Friday, July 29, 2011

Soon, Debt Default

Dow pull back to 12k.  Check.  Oil pullback to $94.  Check.  Precious metal testing support?  Almost.  Maybe close enough, but I am still not sure if the breakout will happen right now.

Debt debate continues, politicians look like clowns, and Obama waits ready to pull the ultimmate fascist move:  invoke a raise in the debt ceiling.  Interestingly the Democrats are scared of what?  Helping the poor?  Since when hes this system helped the poor!  Dems are scared of corporate equity tanking?  Why?  Because the economy revolves around the well being of corporations.  Now we see where their alegience is:  with the corporations, and against the American people.

Before I finish this post, I want to make a comment.  Lindsey Williams said on the Alex Jones Show there would be a default.  I don't always think he knows what he is talking about, but he usually knows what will happen with geo-politics. 

From a post I made on another site:

And Mel Watt just screamed his head off about lord knows what.  And now Fwank is on the mic, looking like he just swallowed his tongue.  Name calling, name calling, name calling.  And Shiela Jackson Lee urges the President to invoke a debt raise on his own, which is insane.  She is insane.  Repubs look just as stupid.  They have not brought up one real issue on why the debt is a problem.  The problem is this country has handed over all their wealth to an group of corporate banks.  There is no accountability from either side.  Both ignore the problem:  Monetary and fiscal policy is a sham.

It is run by a private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve System.  The "Fed" and its cartel of globalist banking housees seem to be in the clear, while politicians nit pick about the crumbs that are left out of the people of the Unidted States of America's pocket.

One big circus, I tell you.  One big circus.

Oh, and the US government will default.  Yes they will.  And then the BIS, IMF, and World Bank will swoop in and treat the situation like they do with failed 3rd world states.  They will use as collateral the gold on the Fed's books, the debt/GDP of the US, and the other credits and obligations of the Treasurie and Reserve Bank.  Good luck America, for we hardly knew thee.


  1. Lunacy I tell you !!! pure lunacy ;-) Scary as hell.

  2. i dont mind the pullback on the PM's, just means that i can get my hands on more. im not that late to the game, but the more time i have the better. they have been running this dog and pony show for what, 10 years now. its gonna come to an end sooner than later, it just has to, the rest of the world cant deal with this much longer.