Friday, August 5, 2011

The Greatest Depression

The Greatest Depression is now staring the world in the face.  Gone are monetary policy, fiscal policy, and all other quick fixes.  It has been proven that they do not work, and here lays the waste of the economy.

The world's power hungry politicians will continue their maniacal ways, but only to have the system collapse on top of them.  The Central Banks will continue to run monetary policy into the ground, and governments will do the same fiscally.  Yet the world watches passively.  The discourse has ended.

The capitulation of the system has wrecked havoc on growth and wealth.  People are mired in a calamity of finance.  The finance was based on the lies of economics.  Now everything is in ruins.

The collapse has occurred in slow motion over the course of the last few decades.  It has reached an apex.  The world has changed, and the people will change with it.

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