Monday, August 8, 2011

QE 3 is Certain

I looked at some charts and I figured looking back I nailed the Dow pullback to 11,800.  The next thousand blindsided me.  Luckily I have no stake what so ever in the markets right now.  I might get into Sprott Trust positions if I did not like the metal in my hands so much.  But I think at this point that would be the only stock I could recommend.

Buying right now is like catching falling daggers.  It is either bravely done, or plain stupid.  Soon Bernanke will step in and issue his mandate:  a continuation to "keep the recovery on track".  I am surprised he did not just let it roll, and have a few blow hards mad at him.  Now people should know it does not work.

But rather it appears that Americans will cry for more QE like a baby for a binky.  They know not why they want it, but they think they need it.  Little do they know it is what will keep them naive.  They should grow up, and throw their passafire down the toilet.

Yet people only learn from their mistakes in this day and age, if even then.  The financial system will need to end for anyone to realize they are living a pipe dream.  That day is fast approaching, but Chair Bernanke will keep the show going with one more round.  Three is the Majik number, after all.

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