Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Dream Last Night

I won't be making this a dream journal, don't worry, but I want to brief one of mine from last night.  I had a momentary dream that the markets were down 1k today.  I also want to add I NEVER dream about finance.  I only dream about my little bubble of a world- my freinds of old.  So imagine my surprise when I awoke this morn, later than usually, to find everything scrapping the bottom of the barrel once again.

The Fed's board said they did not want to be involved in markets yesterday, which is surprising considering that is all they have done for decades now.  Is there a trick going on?  And who benefits?  It will be odd if gold is on par the Dow at $5k, but not out of the ordinary.  I only say odd because that was not the plan of the Working Group on Financial Markets for the last, again, several decades.

If this happens everyone part of the establishment will resign, and pensions will turn negative.  The only saving grace will be oil's price, which will remain cheap after it hit its production peak.  This is not ironic, it was done on purpose by the oilgarchs.  I suppose they figure they would rather not return as many dollars as they would like if that means they can keep the dollar ponzi going that much longer.


  1. Lennon,

    A few brief and genuine thoughts:

    >You are in the top .01% smartest people on the planet
    >You are in the top .01% most caring people on the planet
    >Knowing those two things, your blog reads like a 9 year-old girl's diary. You should kill the comments section, Webster Tarpley-style or give us a question to answer at the end of each of your posts.

    Food for thought, coming from someone who respects you immensely...

  2. Thank you for the compliments and the constructive criticism- and for the laugh! Damn that was funny!