Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Monetizing the Debt

Who knew that monetizing the debt was so important to the system?  It was important to the Private Dealers because they needed the cash that they received when the bond's were flipped to the Fed.  It was important to the Fed because it kept their income stream alive.  It was the only thing propping the system, so why have they not continued it?

I think that, more than anything, it was a psychological experiment.  I think they want to make people emotionally attached and thus "dependent" on their investments.  It has made people crazy, from Israel, to London, to America, and people are going insane.  Of course, there is no real action to the people's motive; they steal useless items and get in fights, instead of marching against the system.  This is what the oilgarchs and financiers wanted when they dropped the bottom out of the markets.

Need I say anything about gold?  The sky is the limit, but if QE 3 is trotted out, the first move will be to drop the price of gold.  It will be done two ways:  First the Fed will loan gold out, this will happen during Asian trading.  Then after QE 3 is announced, the President's Working Group on Financial Markets will short gold, and maybe even buy puts.  Yes, they have a margin account.  Anything you can do they can do, and with unlimited liquidity.

This is the reason I think it is a psychological experiment:  the PPT aka Plunge Protection Team (President's Working Group) is mandated to stop these type of routes, yet they are no where to be found.  The G-7 is also staying out, after they said they were coming in, same with Europe and same with China and Russia.  Either they all lied together, or they will conduct policy coordinatedly, but only after the world burns.

This is the most facsist thing I have ever witnissed; and while it happens CEOs like Jaime Dimon smile.  There is a plan, no matter what it is, and it matters naught if we know it, for we know the one thing that matters:  precious metal is a store of wealth, and thus, monie.

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