Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jobs Program

It could be as early as this week, but before Bernanke utters the words 'continued easing', there will be a proposal put forth by President Obama to have a quote, 'Jobs Program'.  It will outline how we are going to build roads one last time before oil peaks, how we will make plantations of solar energy, and other somewhat dubious industrial feats.  The reason that I say dubious is not because some bridges are in disrepair, or that our State will need to ween itself from oil (how I am not sure), but because it will once again be a corporate bailout, by the government.  It will once again be a fascist decree.

I have been proposing that Obama would do a hands on 'Jobs Program' since the Spring of '10, but to my dismay, America has accepted crumbs and asked for nothing.  Yet now Americans are truly in need of funds, and unless Bernanke really does drop cash from helicopters, then this will be how dollars are put into the mouths of the babes.  I imagine it will be very inustrialish, probably creating jobs that will build things.  They will be contracts to corporations, and the corporations will hire.  New power plants, prisons, bridges, etc.  I do not know how it will go, but it will.

The front will be for jobs, but it will be so that banks can make new performing loans.  The crux of the problem is the banks, and the fascist system wants to fix that.  This will be what will 'save the system', or so they say.  More than likely, this will be how America ends its status as global empire; spending its way into oblivion.

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