Monday, August 8, 2011

The Greatest War

We are in the midst of a great war, one that may end up rivalling alll the other great wars.  So far, this one has been fought economically.As of now, the US oilgarchs think it is in their best intrest to sacrifice their banking housees to lower the price of oil.  They are doing so to have oil cheap while they plan an actual war, because once the real war starts, oil will be extremely expensive. 

This is also China calling the US' bluff.  They love deflation.  Inflation is running rampant in certain sectors of their economy and it does not bode well with them.. They would much rather have inflation, because they can feed their hungry populace easier, and continue to use dollars and euros to buy gold and stuff.

This bodes worst for liberals, for they look insane saying we need more stimulus.  I think this fits in with republicans who are running for office, even though they won't be able to solve these problems, lest the name Paul, and really, even Paul is up a creek without a paddle.  I hope everyone learns to swim.

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