Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Only Bubble Left

The only bubble left to have, besides what will be a precious metals bubble occurring in about ten years, is the fiat bubble.  The Tech bubble was popped as fast as it ballooned, the easy liquidity bubble followed, and now all that is left is fiat currencie.  Once the fiat currencie bubble pops, and only then, will there be a gold bubble.

The fiat bubble may have a year or two left, depending on how fast people wake to it.  If people do not understand it, it could last several more years.  Every country, and every establishment is fine boiling the frog slow.  It means that more control can be leveraged out of the police state, and taking away freedom from the common person is the main goal.

The financiers and oilgarchs are taking their time pushing on the string, allowing both sides of the system to stay in flux.  The economists want easy liquidity, while the other side ask for austerity.  Both sides mean to slowly defile the system that has been set in place.

Tomorrow Bernanke will play his role, if that is by announcing anything or not.  He is already providing liquidity to Europe, and this has dire consequences for fiat currencie.  He will continue to inflate the fiat bubble, until there is only the gold bubble left to inflate.

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    Hi Lennon, did you read this?, could you give opinion and impact on markets, silver and gold?, Thank you!