Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Black Swans

I have termed the fact that there is a wedge of black swans a whiteness because this is the term for the wedge when it lands on water.  The term for a group of swans most likely does not orient towards what color they are, and I see no reason for it to change when the color of the bird changes.  Maybe I am wrong, and it should be a blackness.  Yet it matters not for the term itself is at play, but what is important is that there is such a happening.

The whiteness has many birds, and they are descending upon the earth and into sight.  They are too numerous to name at the moment, and a good exercise for you the reader would be to try and pen as many as you can think of.  This exercise is important because it will keep the significance of the event at the fore.

What is at my fore at the moment is the fact that, first, not many people understand that the fiat ponzi is destined to collapse.  The other side is just as important, and that is real monie serves the benefit of the collapse of the said fiat poinzi.  These twin swans will land on the lake of reality and splash down to a surprised populace.  The event will trigger the outlier to be established in the moment when all other reality fails.  Entertainment and trivialities will be watered down, and a new paradigm will emerge.

The whiteness will be blinding, and many will not be able to muster the attention span to think the process through.  Many will whine, and cry, and also lose their minds.  But many will understand, and it will be an awakening of epic proportions.  After all, like a black swan, nature has a way of making us recognize what we at first failed to see.If the eyes are the window to the soul, once the whiteness lands, the soul will be free.

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