Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Silver has made an exciting move, and now that gold has poked out of resistance, you would think the next level has begun.  Yet platinum was traded off three consecutive times today, and thus fell down below $1800.  This is why the levy did not break today, because platinum is still being manipulated like a passive lover.  The time is nigh, and with a government shutdown looming, it is almost certain to happen.

Look for the trinity to test a support level, maybe somewhere around $37 for silver and $1440 for gold during the next two trading days, while platinum stays subdued under $1800.  Then when noise of either a raised debt ceiling or government shutdown comes to fruition, the levy should break.  The levels are pretty much set.  The next move looks to happen next week.

Then it will only be a matter of time when those who do not understand the power of holding the trinity begin to ask the important questions.  The properties of precious metals are bar none, and thus why they act as real monie.  It is in the back of everyones heads now, and when the price action crushes the fiat ponzi, those in the know will benefit.  Reality will creep up out of the shadow and shine for all to see.


  1. I just found your blog. Thanks for sharing your insightful thoughts. Do you think platinum really has a chance of going much higher in the near future due to the huge slow down in Japan car production and needing less for auto-catalysts? I know platinum is 17 times rarer than gold but maybe it will be a while before demand catches hold again. mountainhiker38

  2. The reason that silver has dominated the market is because any investor can get in. Platinum is expensive, so not everyone has bought it. The market is so small, that even a slight move into it will move the price higher.

    I will say, silver has the most upside, then gold, then platinum, but platinum will likely always be more expensive than gold, even if only by a hair.

    Retail investing by bullion hoarding is about to shake the markets. When people find out contracts are subject to default (and that includes IOUs such as the dollar) cash will find the small markets of precious metals.

    Precious metals are monie, they just act as technology in their spare time.