Thursday, April 28, 2011

DXY 66

The dollar has hit every stop on its way to its low, giving forex investors enough hope for an upside to hold out on a rally.  The rhetoric is that the Euro should be as weak as the dollar, but the Euro is not the reserve currencie, and in this climate, it will be the overweight reserve that falls hardest.  The current and on going economic collapse may drag all fiat into the depths of oblivion, but this only means the dollar will take the brunt of it.  The world relies on dollars, so if the world has failed, so has the dollar.

Economics is, like the people that promote it, a lie and lying, or misinformed and stupid.  Either way it is does not matter though, because the end result from a lie and or being misinformed is that reality unveils the truth.  The truth is that fiat is a ponzi.  This ponzi is chomping at the bit.

The decent will remain steady for a minute longer, as the deck chairs are rearrange to better suit the players, but in the end, the ship is going to the bottom of the ice cold ocean.  It will not be only the dollar that fails, but the dollar provides the greatest consequence.  The world relies on dollars, and when the dollar gets washed out, so will finance.  The IMF and World bank will step in with a solution to the problem.  There solution will use gold to back any currencie idea they have.

The world will become restless when the DXY breaks 70, which will happen around May 6th.  There may be a pullback in May, but by the summer solstice the dollar will be near its absolute breaking point, DXY 66.  It will be at DXY 66 that the levy breaks, and States begin to dump the dollar effortlessly.  They have already said what they will by; goods with real value- precious metals, oil, and corporate debt and equity.  This way they have something for the dollars.

Will contracts be broken?  Will the President's Working Group actually own corporations outright?  Well, China and other communist States already own their corporations, so I do not think that the Federal Reserve and its proxie banks owning corporations by proxie is out of the question.  Remember, the dollar was set up to fail, as to usher in a brave new world where corporations officially rule over governments.  It will be fascism unveiled, and it will likely be revealed to all this summer.


  1. LH - you are the best. You have to understand you are going to attract some "crazies". Put the donation button up. I'm not here to do anything other than get you a roll of silver.


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    It's a nightmare,
    So I'm joining the army.

    No house phones, but can i still call?
    Will you wait for me now?

    We got the right cause they fight to use it,
    Got everything but you can just choose it
    I won't just be a puppet on a string

    Don't go that way.
    I'll wait for you.

    And I'm tired of all your friends
    Listening at your door
    I want, what's better for you,

    So long, my friend and adversary.
    But I'll wait for you.

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    In our land are all closed eyes.
    They've said it a billion times and they'll say it again.
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    I'm tired of all your friends,
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    Get up in the morning, yelling no more,
    So long, my friend and adversary.
    I'll wait for you.

  2. LH -

    You are way too smart for what's going on per ZH and in the world today.

    For fuck's sake, look at what you are writing on this blog. And somewhere Turd Fergeson has 650 shitheads following him. Yeah, I kinda get the "price" of silver.

    But are you not too smart to meet me at the Green Burrito on Milpas? It kinda seems like it is time to talk shop.

    Otherwise, keep on blogging, buddy!

    I mean Turd Fergeson has a lot of followers, so I guess that means he is smart?

  3. Mr. Hendrix - I think you're as mad as a bag of handlebars. You are brave enough to put dates and targets out there time and time again, and I am always disappointed that you are over-ambitious. But you know what?... you only have to be correct once.
    I read you every day - keep up the good work.