Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trinity trending Higher

The Trinity is trending higher tonight in Asia, as that side of the world wonders how they ever got suckered into investing in the fiat ponzi.  Platinum has a lot of room to run, resistance is all the way at $1850.  Silver and gold will not pull back until that number is tested.  Until then, the sky is the limit for silver and gold.

Silver could run into the hundreds before any other asset class notices.  It is the lightening rod for inflation, as the world of finance severely undervalues it.  The input costs may stress certain sectors, but technology is supposed to be the savior of economics, as it itself reduces costs.  So the margin will be raised and the world will be saved!  People will pay more for medical equipment, computers, and the like, because life now operates directly from technology, and all thanks to the little metal that could.

The Trinity is not only an inflation hedge, and the best one at that, it is a direct investment into technology.  All technology needs precious metals to conduct themselves.  Without the Trinity, technology is nothing.  The Trinity will play finance like its fiddle for the rest of time, there is no doubt about this.

As silver has only begun to blow up parabolically, the move on the percent can stay steady and the nominal fiat value will increase drastically.  The move from $40 to $43 meant that the fee to purchase a US minted silver Eagle bullion coin was turned from a cost to even.  The same percent increase is going to mop the floor with these margins the higher the spot price goes.  This is why silver will once again be the best investment of the year, and as  I see the trend starting with the Fall of '08, the next two decades.

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