Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Corporations want Authority

My term steady inflation may be a little underwhelming, but when hyperinflation is used, people think I am an extremist.  I can not make this point clear enough:  the whole reason for this entire meltup/meltdown, inflation/deflation, and everything is so that the corporations inherit the economic landscape.  That was established long long ago.

The oilgarchs did not like being responsible for their wrong doings, so they built the government around corporations, or rather, firms.  They did this by implementing the 14th amendment.  People were free before then, and since the civil rights movement, we should now understand that every person is created equal.  It is then up to society to help those that need it; the elderly, the disabled, the disheveled, the poor, they all deserve a chance to live.  The 14th amendment, and rather, no written word can decree the truth.  The truth just is; the truth is absolute.

So, corporate equity will continue to rise until governments collapse and corporate debt becomes the new safe play for wealth preservation.  The dollar will lose its status as a reserve currency, there will be no fiat that will fill its role, and as all central banks hold gold reserves, they will inform the public that it will be used as the main asset, although it is the chief asset already, as it is the first loan of recourse, which is why gold sits in the house vaults of the banks now.

The paradigm has been constructed to meet this demand.  People need Nikes to wear to walk the concrete jungle, people need JP Morgan to construct their finances, people need General Electric to build power plants, people need Disney to be entertained, people need Union Pacific to transport goods, people need cars to get to work, people need Exxon to get them their energy.  People rely on government for goods.  Government is only relied upon to keep the fiat ponzi moving along.

What is money as defined by the reigning economic paradigm?  Could the IMF or World Bank not facilitate these loans?  Could a State or County or City bank not facilitate these loans?  All a bank needs to do so is gold, everything else is making the loans and using the leverage.

Once the federal governments fail, once the bonds do not trade, then the corporations bonds will be a premium.  Then they will be able to fund themselves.  Then people will most likely understand what happened.  As to if they want corporations running finance above any other proxie  is yet to be seen.  Maybe States, Counties, and Cities will take real monie into their own hands, which some have, and facilitate their own means of wealth.  Time will tell.

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