Thursday, April 14, 2011

Number of Life

42 has been a sacred number since the days of yore.  Now silver has broken this with great authority.  Silver is bucking all trends, which I have expected.  Silver is worth its weight in gold, although gold has the slightest of advantages.  These advantages will mean gold will still be worth more than silver, but silver's upside is really unimaginable.

I wrote that silver could move to $250 per ounce before anyone really noticed.  I think at that point gold would be around $3,333, and only then would the gawkers gawk.  People fail to think about silver when considering the characteristics of gold, for whatever reason.  Their loss.

Resistance seems to be a mile away, as silver's climb is as steady as steady goes.  Resistance is always impossible to call, where support is easy to chart.  This matters not, as selling silver is a foolish thought.  Buy at support, and wait for the next level.  This is my advice.

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